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Codependence Recovery/Spiritual, Emotional healing - Joy to You & Me  

Inner Child/Codependency Recovery -

Codependency and Relationships

Constructive Love: Codependency & Relationships -

Joy2MeU - Information on codependency, emotional healing, dysfunctional relationships, Spiritual Awakening, inner child healing, alcoholism, fear of intimacy, twelve step recovery, and more.

Solutions Outpatient Services

Codependency Test - Uses a checklist of behaviors. 

Alcoholism & Codependency-Hope and Healing webChronicles.

Not Elsewhere Specified - A site about epilepsy, transgender, sexuality, depression, suicide, codependency, and religion.

CyberCounselor Cafe - Free answers to your questions concerning substance abuse.

Wendy Freebourne MSc - Psychotherapist - UK; Bath. Working with individuals, couples and groups, specialising in recovery from addictions, relationships, codependency, eating disorders, abuse survivors.

Family Therapy Net  

Abundant Spirituality+Codependence Recovery

The Dance-Away Zone! - Concerning the International Churches of Christ.

Mighty Oaks AA