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Coma Diaries - A resource and support guide on coma and brain injury for family and friends of survivors.

Coma Waiting Menu - Information about brain injuries and coma recovery, optimized for Web TV for use in hospitals.

Subtle Brain Injury - Seeking to educate with respect to the magnitude of brain injury which does not involve coma.

Frequently Asked Questions About Head Injury  

Coma Recovery - Personal site with proof that hope exists for coma and closed head injury patients.

COMA - List of charity societies.

Coma - Robin Cook (Book Preview) - Find out what Robin Cook's Coma is all about.

Coma Recovery Association  

Astronomy Group  

Austrian Center for Parallel Computation (ACPC)

The Intimate Mind -

Myxedema Coma - A rare complication of untreated hypothyroid disease.