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Devices for Daily Living

Ability Research Centre, The - assists people with disabilities to obtain maximum benefits from computer technology. 

Academic Software, Inc. - computer access technology for persons with disabilities.

Adapted Computer Technologies - specializes in evaluation, training and systems integration of assistive technologies. 

Adaptive Consulting Services, Inc.  

Adaptive Solutions, Inc. - offers computers for use by the blind and physically handicapped.

Aloha STAC - assistive technology and software for people with disabilities.

Alternative Focus - specializing in computer access devices for the blind and visually impaired.

Benchmark Technologies - information about mainstream commercial rehab technology for computer access.

Closing The Gap  

Compucare - products for people with poss-abilities.

Computer Options for the Exceptional - resource for augmentative communication.

DRAGnet - mission is to recycle used computer systems and materials to benefit persons with disabilities.

Electronic Visual Aid Specialists - EVAS provides adaptive aids and turn-key computer systems designed for people with disabilities.

Equal Access to Software and Information - EASI

EZscreen - touchscreen technology for those unable to use a mouse.

HumanWare, Inc. - specializing in braille and low vision products, computer access, speech software, and electronic magnifiers.

Infogrip - offers computer access products for all types of disabilities.

JBliss Imaging System - makers of Versatile Image Processor, a system that combines OCR, synthetic speech, and image processing into one system.

Jensen Adaptive Technology, Inc. - offers low vision computer systems, keyboards, text reading machines, and more.

Keyboard Alternatives & Vision Solutions, Inc. - supplier of adaptive equipment for individuals with work-related injuries or with physical or visual impairments

Kurzweil Educational Systems - reading and educational software for the blind and learning disabled.

LTTI Corp. - offers an adapted trackball for quadriplegics and other persons with limited hand function.

Madenta Internet Accessibility Centre - solutions for computer access and home and office automation for people with physical disabilities.

Missing Link Technologies - computer technology for people with disabilities; assistive technology, optical character recognition, voice recognition, voice dictation, screen access.

MRF Adaptive Resources - home automation and computer technologies for the physically challenged. Featuring HomeAccess and PhoneAccess voice-activated environmental control products.

Multimedia Max - offers products to enhance the lives of the disabled.

Origin Instruments Corporation - computer access solutions for people with disabilities.

P.C.D. Maltron - offering ergonomic keyboards for RSI sufferers, single-handed, single-fingered, or head/mouth stick keyboards, as well as adapters and training materials.

Pathways Development Group, Inc. (PDG) - control and communications solutions serving people with disabilities and their families.

PC Squared - distributor of computer adaptive devices.

RJ Cooper & Associates - Software and hardware for persons with special needs.

Ruth Bluestone & Associates - computer skills training for individuals with disabilities and speech-language pathologists.

ShrinkWrap Computer Products - offers The Road Runner, a portable text reader.

Sun Microsystems Enabling Technologies - driven by the belief that designing to meet the needs of users with disabilities can improve the productivity and effectiveness of all users.

Synapse - provides adaptive and assistive technologies for the disabled user: ADA workstations, furniture, library access, voice recognition, display magnification, and more.

Words + - manufactures electronic devices and software that let people with disabilties communicate, access computers, control their environment, and more.

WorkLink - adaptive computer products.

Zygo Industries, Inc. - manufacturer and distributor of augmentative communication systems, computer access and other assistive technology for individuals who are disabled.