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Disability Studies 

Disability Challenge - Studies of disability in India.

Disability Studies Concentration - Applies social, cultural, historical, and philosophical perspectives to the study of disability in society. 

Society for Disability Studies - A nonprofit scientific and educational organization established to promote interdisciplinary research on humanistic and social scientific aspects of disability and chronic illness.

Barbara Robertson's Disability Research Resources  

University of the West of England, Bristol - Located on five campuses, it includes the school of adult nursing, community nursing, midwifery, child nursing, health science, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, community and applied social studies, mental health and learning disability, and radiography.

Society for Disability Studies Links

A. J. Pappanikou Center on Disability Studies  

Disability Studies Web Ring - Brings together sites relating to the interdisciplinary research on the history, literature, experience and culture of people with disabilities.

University of Wales, Bangor - School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies. Theoretical and practical content includes coursework in adult and child nursing, learning disability nursing and mental health nursing

University of Belfast - The School of Nursing and Midwifery. The School of Nursing provides pre-registration nursing education, offering a diploma in the four branches of nursing, i.e. adult, child, mental health and learning disability.

Center for Policy Research, Syracuse University - The Maxwell School Center for Policy Research (CPR) supersedes and encompasses the Metropolitan Studies and Aging Studies programs of the Maxwell School, established in 1961 and 1990, respectively. 

Disability and Rehabilitation - Journal  

The University of Hull - Offering nursing postgraduate and continuing professional education, undergraduate and pre-registration nursing and midwifery studies, research and development including access to the East Yorkshire Learning Disability Institute and the Center for Community Nursing.