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Employment For The Disabled 

Able Trust - raising and distributing funds to enable disabled Florida residents to find employment and work.

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work - promoting and supporting equal and equitable employment of people with disabilities.

Disability Issues - emphasizes employment, with discussions on state and federal efforts to remove work disincentives.

Division of Rehabilitation Services - promoting the employment, economic self-sufficiency and independence of individuals with disabilities.

Goodwill Industries -  identify and provide opportunites for people who are disadvantaged, disabled and other individuals with special needs through rehabilitation, counseling, job training and employment using resources obtained primarily from self-generating revenue sources and outside funding.

The Association for Retarded Citizens of Alachua County - ARC of Alachua County provides services, programs, and employment opportunities for developmentally disabled children and adults.

Keystone Blind Association - Serving Mercer County and beyond for over 50 years. Daily news, our yearly calendar, employment opportunities for the blind and disabled, information on our services, a page for children, and much more.

GLADNET Association - The network brings together research centers, universities, enterprises, government departments, trade unions, and organizations representing disabled persons, all committed to the common goal of advancing competitive employment and training opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Global Applied Disability Research Network for Employment and Training (GLADNET)

Industries for the Blind of New York State - non-profit organization serving blind and visually impaired people by facilitating employment opportunities.

Jeff Malmuth & Co. - vocational rehabilitation counseling services, working with a broad range of injured workers.

Job Resources for the Disabled

Jobs Consortium - a non-profit organization specializing in client-centered training and employment services with disabled and non-disabled homeless people.

Macarthur Area Training and Employment Service  helps people with disabilities find jobs in the general workforce. Located in Australia.

Massachusetts Office of Employment Services - placing people with disabilities in supported employment.

Orange County ARC - provides vocational services to adults with developmental disabilities.

Spectrum Disabled Training and Employment - A not-for-profit community association integrating people with disabilities in to the community through training for real-world employment.

St Vincent de Paul Disability Services Vocational  - services providing employment for people with disabilities.

Tech-Link - linking students with disabilities with careers in technology.

TransCe - provides school to work transition assistance to youth with disabilities.

U.S. Department of Labor: Projects for People with Disabilities

United Cerebral Palsy Employment and Training - develops jobs for people with disabilities and other unique employment needs.

Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute - research and service agency which offers residential, day training, employment, education, and recreation services.

Vocational Improvement Inc. - state-funded program dedicated to providing job opportunities to developmentally disabled adults. 

Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 

WORKink - offers career counselling, workshops, initiatives and information about job opportunities.