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Dissociative Disorders 

Dandelions Dissociative Press

- Dedicated to the open expression of Christians with Dissociative Disorders.

NEEDID DID Support Network - A non-profit survivors support network for individuals living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and other trauma related dissociative disorders.

Divided Hearts - DID Info & Support - Information to educate yourself about Dissociative Disorders and find support through live interaction with others who face many of the same issues that you may also be dealing with.

The Center: Post-Traumatic & Dissociative Disorders Program  

Health Net: Dissociative Identity Disorder  

The Center: Post-Traumatic & Dissociative Disorders Program

Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work - Dissociative disorders, abuse issues, and much much more.

The Dark River - Personal page by a survivor of severe child abuse that offers an extensive FAQ about bipolar disorder, plus information on PTSD and dissociative disorders.

Gift of Plurality Webring