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Dissociative Identity Disorder 

Health Net: Dissociative Identity Disorder 

Princesses Haven -, including professional information, recommended reading, a sample contract between therapist and client, coping strategies, links, Australian section.

NEEDID DID Support Network - A non-profit survivors support network for individuals living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and other trauma related dissociative disorders.

Mollykat's Resources for Survivors

A Question of Courage

Serenity for Spiritual abuse survivors and MPD/DID  

Healing Rainbows - This is a ring for friends, relations and significant others, people who want to know more about dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Amongst Ourselves - Two Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder (DID/MPD) support groups/mailing lists. Amongst Ourselves is for multiples and Amongst Others is for their supporters (significant others, family, and/or friends).