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Dry Eyes 

Nature's Mist - Natural pH balanced moisturizing facial spray. Perfect for moisturizing dry skin and dry eyes.

Bausch & Lomb: Allergies - Help for Allergies, pollen, and your eyes, including red eyes, itchy eyes, and dry eyes.

TheraTears - Site about TheraTears, a preservative-free eye drop for the treatment of dry eyes. Includes information about dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eyes - Symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

Vision Pharmaceuticals - Developers of Viva-Drops for dry eyes and Anti-Oxidant Skin Treatment.

Mallory Co's PCvision Computer Eyewear - Maker of computer eyewear which minimizes the eye strain, fatigue, and dry eyes associated with extended periods of computer use.

Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation, Inc - In Sjogren's syndrome, the body's immune system mistakes its own moisture producing glands for foreign invaders. 

Orchidia Promotions, CIBA Vision sole distributor located in Cairo - Egypt. - Orchidia Promotions is a marketing office with extensive experience in pharmaceuticals. Related to viral and bacterial conjunctivitis, blue eyes, cataract surgery, CIBA Vision, congenital glaucoma, contact lenses, Diabetes Care, double vision, dry eye, eye fatigue, eye floaters, Eye Surgery, glaucoma treatment, Low Vision, Pink Eye, Voltaren.

Nature's Mist  Natural moisturizer product for dry skin and dry eyes, rejuvenates skin and restores faded cosmetic colors