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AIDS Dementia Complex - A comprehensive guide to this condition called ADC, dementia, sub acute encephalitis, HIV encephalitis, from AEGIS.

Virus Outbreak in Malaysia - Japanese Encephalitis JE, Hendra like virus outbreak in Malaysia - 50 dead, 300,000 pigs culled, mass vaccination, evacuation. National Emergency.

Virus Outbreak in Malaysia - Latest news & Information

Monmouth County Mosquito Commission - The Monmouth County Mosquito Extermination Commission is dedicated to the control and management of disease causing and nuisance pests, primarily mosquitoes and ticks. 


Florida on alert for mosquito-borne virus

Mosquitoes Get Deadly - In a Scattering of States, the Dangerous Encephalitis Virus Could Turn the Skeeter from a Pest to a Killer.

CFS/M.E. Information Source - Information on  RnaseL Enzyme Dysfunction Disease (R.E.D.D.).