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Absolute Head Lice Cure - Cure for head lice with no harsh chemicals.

American Head Lice Information Center  

The Biology of Head Lice - FAQ about head lice and information.

Confessions of a Nitpicker - Treatment program for head lice at a day care center.

Head Lice Resources - Research-based resources on head lice. Includes free, reproducible fact sheets and a video that can be viewed on-line.

Head Lice Resources You Can Trust  

Head Lice Treatment  

Head Lice...No More!  

Headlice - A wide range of helpful Headlice information concerning treatment, prevention, diagnosis, email groups, support groups, personal stories.

Headlice and Nits - "Lice Cure" is a homeopathic preparation extracted from herb to mix with a shampoo.

Headlice information  

Lice Aren't Nice  

Lice Solution Kit  

Lice X - Product to remove lice.

Medinfo: Head lice  

The Moynalty and Mullagh Family Practice  

Not Nice to Lice - Safe, fast, organic lice and nit remover. 30 minutes and kids are back in school.

Quick Guide to - Removing Head Lice Safely..

Lice Off!