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Heart Attack 

ETS exposure increases heart attack risk 

Heart News - Information regarding heart disease, diet and exercise tips, surviving a heart attack, and cardiology news.

Researchers: Risky heart attack therapy often unneeded  

Secondhand Smoke Ups Heart Attack Risk  

Take Wellness To Heart  

Tobacco Smoke Quadruples Heart Attack Risk - Results of study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 

Infarct Combat Project - Electronic Medical Foundation to Fight Heart Attack.

Exposure to secondhand smoke increases heart attacks

Take Wellness To Heart - More women die from heart disease and stroke than from all forms of cancer combined.

Guide to heart, and related problems like heart attack

Heart Attack - A mild heart attack. How it was treated with balloon angioplast.

Paul's Heart - My good friend Paul had a heart attack at a very early age.

Niagara Heart Health Project

The Bakersfield Californian - 'Drummer's Heart Attack Didn't Keep Diamond From Sparkling ' Article concerning Ron Tutt's heart attack and recovery.