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High Cholesterol 

High Cholesterol Message Board

Lorraine Love, Registered Dietitian - Non-diet approach to helping people with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 

The HealthyMeat Company - All natural, heart healthy, low fat, low cholesterol, high protein, high iron red meat. 

Cholesterol & Health for Professionals

Seaside Farms - Specialty soybeans Edamame, shelled or in the pod. Low sodium, low cholesterol, high protein food. Nutritional information.

Pharma Botanixx - info on anxiety, stress, high cholesterol, impotency and weight loss.

Cardiology Tulsa - Information on heart disease, centers, physicians, high blood pressure, strokes, cholesterol, congestive failure, risk factors, bypass surgery.

Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP)  

Dulse.Com  Dulse is a healthy, high-fiber sun-dried snack. 

SCIMETECH - Where Science, Medicine, and Technology Meet

Cholesterol Facts - - Learn why blood cholesterol matters and how to choose foods to lower your cholesterol levels.

The Cholesterol Myths - Review of the cholesterol issue written by an independent researcher.

Cholesterolbusters - Learn all ways to naturally reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels and how to prevent cardiovascular or heart diseases. Find out which ones were proven best by scientific research.

Eat Fat, Be Healthy - Information about genetically-caused heart disease due to small-particle LDL syndrome (the heartstopper effect). Companion site to the book Eat Fat, Be Health; includes questions and answers, book excerpt and cardiac risk quiz.

Health Heart - Not-for-profit site about foods and supplements and how they prevent heart disease and promote general health. Tables, links, comments, nutrition, causes.

The Healthy Refrigerator - Nutritional advice and information to reduce risk of heart problems or manage heart conditions. Recipes, foods suggestions, facts about heart disease.

HeartSaver - Natural supplement fights cardio vascular diseases by reducing cholesterol, contains Polycosanol USA (patent pending), a formula composed of derivatives from a byproduct produced from bees' wax.

High Cholesterol on - High cholesterol is liked to the development of angina and heart disease. Find out how to lower your cholesterol level through diet or medication on - 3. Surfing at Optimum Health? : Fasting Center International FASTING: FASTING CENTER INTERNATIONAL--World's largest, nonresidential fasting clientele--fasting to lose weight/detoxify, increase energy, clarity, spirituality. LIFETIME Optimum Health Plan!

Keeping Cholesterol Under Control - Highly effective drugs are available to lower cholesterol, but diet and exercise still come first.

Kholesterol Blocker - Safe and completely natural chewable tablet that blocks the uptake of dietary cholesterol, thus helping to regulate healthy cholesterol levels in the body.

What is cholesterol? . Health factsheets from BUPA - oncise factsheet explaining the causes, symptoms and treament of cholesterol?, available for downloading in Adobe acrobat format.