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Bombastic Borborygmy - Funny stuff, anagrams, music links, borborygmy. .

Bibliography of Humorous Computing Writings - This bibliography forms part of the book 'Humour the Computer', an anthology of humorous computing writings drawn from many sources. 

The Computer HUMOR Page

Coolest Hostnames on the Net

Mr. CompuPotato - A cynical look at Cyberculture

MRML - Mind Reading Markup Language

RHTML - Really Hyper Text Markup Language

Cybernurse - She's an in-your-face SYSAD specializing in techniques to deal with computer dyslexics and clueless, entitled intellectuals.

Help Desk Workshop - Now there is hope for the helpers at the computer help desk with this behavior modification program.

Internet Humor Collection []

Internet Humour Collection []

Classic Internet JokesChinese Zodiac 12 Year Page - usually found off of place mats in chinese restaurants.

Collected Works of Pseudo-Epicurus - The Collected literary endeavour of Pseudo-Epicurus, whose major contributions to literature has gone completely un-noticed -- until now.

Confession Booth

Confuse Your Roommate

Cool Jargon of the day

Cool Word / Phrase of the Day Page

Cordata House

Cosmic Ray Deflection Society of North America

Creamy Filling - Not for the faint of heart, or tender sensibilities. (basically, it's an ADULT humor site.)

Daily Muse, The - an offbeat, irreverent (dare we say humorous) look at the day's headlines

Dead People Server - Who's dead? Who's not? The definitive online list.

Dead Pool 1995 - Who will not live to see 1996?

DevilBunnies - Cute furry little engines of death and destruction.

Diversions - Courtroom Bloopers

Doctor Froggy's Medical Marvels Page - Looking for a genuine belly laugh? Then a visit to Doctor Froggy's Medical Marvels Page is a MUST! And you thought Mad Magazine was funny...


DTF Jokes

Easy Air Guitar by R. - Learn to play the Air Guitar from the Master himself, R. "Bud" Philson. Remember,"If it's a Philson, it's gotta be rock and roll." Main Menu - Welcome to Madam Furry's home on the Internet! This is NOT the place to find out the latest music and entertainment news, but we do update our concert schedule once a year.

Excuse Generator - I, your EVIL little brother, can get you out of anything. What is your problem?

Fakemail - Fakemail allows you to send email to anyone on the net, *from* anyone on the net! Hours of fun for the entire deranged family!

Fun People

Funny Bone - Dust Off Your Funny Bone... Let The Air Out Of Your Shoes... And Get Ready To Laugh! Guaranteed to make you laugh... or you get double your money back! Really! No joke!

Farce Side Comedy Hour

Fringe's Joke of the Random Interval Unit of Time - changes roughly once every week, based on my whims.

Fun e-Mail

Feff World - aimed at all those interested in tongue-in-cheek humor and stuff that makes no sense

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons - Buttons, buttons, buttons...

Jon's joke page

Fertnel, Cheeze Snack Corporation - Fertnel, Cheeze Snack and Cheeze By-Product Leader Responds to the Critics

Fidel '96 Campaign - The Ultimate Washington Outsider - Tired of the same old thing on election day? This time, send a REAL revolution to Washington. Kicking off the Campaign to Elect Fidel Castro

Godot Hierarchy, The - It's an absurd world, but somebody's gotta live in it...

Root of All Things Lookit, The

Gard's laws on love - You can't live with them, you can't live without them, and you definitely don't believe them. Then again...

Glass Wings: Giggle Page - The Giggle section of the Jollitorium is our attempt to reconnect people with their ability to have FUN

Great God Contest

Great White Web Canadianizer - Sick and tired of dem American Hosers dominating this here web? Ye can snowshow the web in Candian comfert, hoser. Ye can translate anything into Canadian eh?

Hastings UFO Society - Spoof (non-serious look) at paranormal phenomenal claims Text files, as well as PSICASTS (audio). Supports .wav, .8svx, and .au audio file requests.

Havoc, Andy - Interactive adult humor with lots of hidden stuff to test your intelligence and clock your libido. Geek Bait!

Heather Has Two Mommies - is a charming politically correct story

Horoscope (Humorous)

Imagine Online Services's Joke Board - a bunch of jokes that are NOT the rec.humor.funny bunch, but are updated regularly! You can vote on them yourself and see the jokes sorted by average score or number of votes.

Indian Humor Page - Contains Humor pertaining to the Indian Subcontinent.

Interactive Mutating Cyberspace Slideshow - This page has to be seen to be truly understood! What does that mean exactly?

International Tack Corner - A rest home for tacky (tasteless) souvenirs. Visit our collection of tacky items from the farthest flung corners of the globe

Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook, The - previously lost diaries of French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre reveal a young Sartre obsessed not with the void, but with food

Kingswood Kranium - Humor magazine from the creative minds at Kingswood Advertising.

KISS' Osculations Of The Emergency Service Kind - Facts, Fiction, Fun & Findings for Fire, Police & the Emergency Medical Services

Machine Shop - Great collection of Office humor. Includes Jokes, Pictures, and Posters.

Mad Hatter Fan Club, The - Dig it.

Matthew and Jake's Adventures

Meaningless Drivel Home Game - original pieces of humor.

Mikes Madness - by Mike Beebe

Mr. Potato Head - play Mr. Potato Head, watch Mr. Potato Head.

Mack Daddy Tips From a Master - If you want to learn how to mack, you've come to the right page. Always expanding and guaranteed to work by K.D. Fong. Now includes pick up lines

Netcenter's Daily Joke Page - Come and start your surf day with a smile!

News of the Weird - Bizarre Insurance Claims & Lawsuits from the people who know insurance.

Nostalgic Wave - Nostalgic Wave on Hype! is the Internet"s quintessential source for nostalgic information. Find out about nostalgic TV shows, products, cartoons, music.

Offishal WEERD, The

Oops - Star Trek:Deep Space Nine humor with the great taste of fresh glop-on-a-stick

Ooze-WWW Humor Zine

Outrageous On-Line Uncle Al

Palindrome Page, The

Parrot in Peril

PC (politically correct) primer

Pen & Pixel - a collection of humorous stories and cartoons by satirist and writer, Mitch Lemus,

Penny's Skulls of Fate - Having trouble making a decision? Want a peek into the future? Come and let Penny's Skulls of Fate answer all of your nagging questions.

Pete's Scribbles - Various bits and pieces I've written over the years.

Pig Decoys

Postmodern Youth Society

Primate Anatomy Matrix - Questions and answers aboutr apes, Tarzan, and sex.

Prose as Deadly Tortures - Painfully punny stories.

Psychic Chicken Network(TM) - Check out your future with the only cerified(certifiable) psychic barnyard resident - the infamous Psychic Chicken.

Puns! - The pun starts here !!!

Quote of the Moment - Get a random quote with each access. Advice, Humor, and Wit all included.

Quotes! of the Moment - quotes and jokes from Steven Wright, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

Random Light Bulb Joke - a random light bulb joke every 10 seconds if viewed with netscape v1.1

Rat-Bite - Rat Humor and other totally unrelated subjects.

Read My Lips - The first and so far only home page about ventriloquism.

Red Chair - Fire your psychiatrist, the answers you look for are in the chair.

Red Noses in Cyberspace - Red Nose Day is on 17th March. Find out how the best of BBC comedy combines with thousands of sponsored events organised by the public to fund projects

Ruminations - period column sent out via email.

Rumors And the Net - highlights some of the more interesting Rumors floating about.

Russian anecdotes

Ask Dr. Nucleus - The good Doctor answers your science queries with neutrinos of knowledge. SADBNK

SalesServer - The Salesman's personal server, intended for fun since I need a good laugh. Tales of the Cereal Killer, Hobie the Cat, and more...

Sausage Related Tomfoolery - Stories related to the humourless antics of the latest super hero - MR Sausage

Sci-Cops: Enforcers of Natural Law - So who actually enforces the law of gravity? Sci-Cops!

Snorkels The Clown

Solid Space various features that will delight you - from fabio to pez dispensers.

Spatula City (Your one stop web.silly shop) - Spatula City is dedicated to preserving Silliness in all forms, and should fit nicely into said category.

Spying at the Wall Dictionary, The

Star Trek - The Cartoon Generation

Stories [McKenna] - Humor commentaries and features written by Patrick McKenna, an Air Force technical sergeant and journalist.

Bamdad's Math Cartoons - A collection of math related cartoons and jokes.

Economist Jokes

mathNEWS - see what stressed out math students can come up with every two weeks or so. It's funnier than it sounds sometimes.

Sex Life of an Electron

Medical Bloopers and Anecdotes

T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S Project - A daunting experiment to determine the properties of that most incredible food, the Twinkie. No question too big to answer, no safety hazard too small to overlook.

The Booger Page - The Booger Page Digging For Gold?

The Daily Noise - Everyday a different noise!

The Gym - You too could have a body like this in just 69 minutes a day....

The Peoples Page

The Social Cafe - Where people can meet and have some fun!

The Spork - how many ways can you love this dual spoon and fork combination?

The Washington Compost - Free weekly political humor focusing on the 1996 elections: Dole, Clinton, Hillary, Newt, Democrats, Republicans, and other assorted creatures.

The Wild And Crazy Kingdom Of... - Brings the most zany stuff on earth right to your door(monitor). Find info about OJ, the weather, cool and crazy links, and much more!

Title Here - a collection of random, original, art, entertainment, literature, (few) links, mostly humor, all around general coolness, sort of E-zine-ish.

Toast Opera - An exciting old time radio style soap opera from the minds of the ultra creative people at Berkeley Systems, Inc.

Together Evading All Meaning

Toilet Training: An Online Guide to Urinal Etiquette - A humourous examination of the intricacies of the etiquette involved in using urinals in a public washroom.

Toxic Custard Workshop Files - The (almost) complete collection of the slightly funny Toxic Custard Workshop Files. Includes the Toxic Custarpedia, in the universe.

True Stories - looking for funny stories about things that have happened to people at the workplace. Hilarious mishaps, significant blunders, or strange encounters

Velcro - Rantings, ratings, ravings and outbursts of questionable virtue by a man who's spent the last six years as a nineteen-year-old.

Villa of the Day

Village Idiot - Light web humour with links; may offend Canadians

Way of the Exploding Head

Weekly Web News - Tabloid Journalism on the Web - A supermarket-style tabloid paper vis-a-vis the Weekly World News. Just a joke.Submissions from readers are encouraged.

Who's Cool In America Project - Official registry of Who's Cool in America. We hope the Coolest of those who "cruise the wire" will pass through these pages.

Why Ask Why?

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? - Nice refresher on philospophy

World According to Jeff

Wutka's Weird Works - Original Cartoons and Stories

Ze sveedish chef, Bork Bork Bork - Home page for the Swedish Chef from the Muppets show with image and sound files and an interactive encheferizer for converting text into Chef speak

ZIOPTIS Foundation

Zits - Dedicated to those pesky little friends of ours, Zits. After causing generations of anxiety in teens and adults, it’s time for a little fun at their expense.

FAQ - Zen Buddhism (Spoof) - a pseudo-FAQ that's meant to entertain and enlighten. It also points to the real FAQ.