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Accidental Hypothermia - Covers recognition and treatment of hypothermia. Discuses hypothermia incidents not normally expected, such as the elderly in their homes. By National Institute of Health.

Chamonix Hospital Cold Injury Page  

First Aid: Hypothermia  

Hypothermia - z-Hypothermia Can Kill

Hypothermia - It's not just a winter problem; Hypothermia is a silent killer that strikes most often in the spring, summer, and fall; information about symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Hypothermia for the Outdoorsman - Hypothermia information: outdoor enthusiast's number one killer. 

Hypothermia Prevention, Recognition and Treatment -

Hypothermia: Symptoms and Self-Assessment Test - Hypothermia Signs and Symptoms. 

Hypothermia Treatment Technology Web-Site  

MacScouter Winter Camping and Hypothermia - Hypothermia information compiled from various sources and authors by Chuck Bramlet.

NOLS Wilderness First Aid: Cold Injuries  

Ol' Buffalo Cold Weather Camping

Outdoor Aaction Guide to Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injuries