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Ask the Naturopath at Recurrent Yeast Infections  

Urinary Tract Infections treatment, prevention and much more - A wide range of helpful Urinary Tract Infections information concerning treatment, prevention, diagnosis, email groups, support groups, personal stories and much more.

Internal Diseases and Condition  

Opportunistic Infections - A comprehensive guide.

Vitamins and Yeast Infections 

Yeast Infections - Information, resources and remedies for preventing and treating yeast infections, plus warning signs for when to see your doctor.

Urinary Tract Infection - Providing products to detect, prevent and relieve symptoms associated with uninary tract infections.

Forum on Opportunistic Infections  

TERAZOL (terconazole) - prescription treatment for vaginal yeast infections

Women's Guide to Vaginal Infections

8 Ways to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections  - Almost half of all women have had a urinary tract infection  at some point in their lives.

Yeast Infections & Overgrowth - Rebalance your Good Bacteria w/TJPC  

National Vaginitis Association

Urinary Tract Infections in Adults  

Ask the Naturopath at Recurrent Yeast Infections  

Answers/Articles about Vaginal Infections and Problems  

Urinary Tract Infections  

Lesbian-Bisexual Women's Health Study,Univ.WA,Seattle  

The Yeast Infection Homepage