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What to Do for Colds and Flu - information from the Food and Drug Administration.

Flu Season Special - here are ways to reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu.   current information on influenza and the flu virus

CNN Shalala gets a read on new flu 

CNN New flu strain hits the U.S.

One-Two Punch Against Flu - Two new flu drugs not only keep serious illness from spreading, but also may alleviate the problem of antiobiotic-resistant flu strains. 

Take a shot against the flu, doctors say 

H5N1 Bird Flu   Special coverage on the new strain of avian flu - H5N1 bird flu. 

Just The Flu? - covering the virus, its origins, surveillance, vaccines and more.

Web Directory: H5N1 Influenza (Bird Flu) Outbreak - news and information about the new H5N1 bird flu strain.

Medicare Pays for Flu Shots - Medicare Campaign to inform about Flu, Pneumonia vaccines. HCFA promoting influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia vaccinations among the 37 million Medicare beneficiaries

Better Homes and Gardens Cold and Flu Guide

NIAID Fact Sheet - About the Flu  Guides

Flu Vaccine Information 

Is the Flu Vaccine a Good Idea for Your Family? 

Medicare Pays for Flu Shots 

4Flu - Arm yourself against the flu with this guide to links about treating the flu from

Swiss Influenza Home Page 

Oregon Influenza Facts

Kaiser Permanente: Cold and Flu Webzine

Influenza virus photos show stained flu virus particles and evidence of internal helical components - the virus's RNA.

Virtual Hospital  - Children's Hospital of Iowa describes flu symptoms and advises parents on when to call the doctor. Discusses contagion and treatment.

Influenza - HealthAnswers Medical Reference Library 

Influenza American Lung Association - Q&A page defines the flu, and examines its severity and complications. Read about who should get vaccinated, and how to stay healthy.

Influenza - HealthWorld Online -

Influenza Vaccine - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point looks at who needs the flu vaccine and when, as well as the risk of serious reaction.

CDC Influenza Home Page Health Care Service - A searchable database to locate the flu shot clinic nearest to your location.