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A. J. Pappanikou Center on Disability Studies

Center on Human Policy - Syracuse University

Connecticut Institute for the Blind Oak Hill

Emery Institute for Stutterers

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center - not-for-profit service, training and research institute with a focus on developmental disabilities.

Institute for Community Inclusion - offers training, clinical, evaluative and employment services, conducts research and provides technical assistance to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in a wide range of communities.

Institute for the Study of Developmental Disabilities (ISDD)  

Institute on Disability and Human Development - research, education, and exemplary service programs.

Intelicus - University of Florida partnership providing education and products for today's healthcare profesional.

Interwork Institute - collection of rehabilitation and special education projects aimed toward disability issues.

John F. Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development - Vanderbilt University  

Matheny School & Hospital

N. Neal Pike Institute on Law and Disability

National Institute of Disability Management and Research  

Oregon State University - Science Access Project  

Portland State University - Research and Training Center on Fam Support & Children's Mental Health

Rick Hansen Institute  

Temple University - Institute on Disabilities/UAP  

University Affiliated Program for Developmental Disabilities  

University of Alberta - fitness and lifestyle programs, health and research for people with physical disabilities.

University of Arkansas University Association for DisAbility Awareness

University of Iowa - Division of Developmental Disabilities

University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability  

University of North Carolina - Center for Universal Design  

University of Toronto - Adaptive Technology Resource Centre  

Utah State University - Center for Persons with Disabilities

Waisman Center on Mental Retardation & Human Development