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Learning Disabilities 

LD OnLine: Learning Disabilities Information & Resources  

Adolescents and Adults with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorders  

Canadian Learning Disabilities Associations/Troubles D'apprentissages Canadienne Learning Disabilities Association of Canada  

The Gallaudet Learning Disabilities Handbook  

Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation -

LD Pride Online - An online community for youth and adults with learning disabilities including Attention Deficit Disorder.

Learning Disabilities - Brochure from NIMH. In-depth look at Learning Disability types.

Learning Disabilities - mini information sheet  

National Resources for Adults with Learning Disabilities  

NLDline -A comprehensive site on Nonverbal Learning Disorders.

Resources and Assessment for Adults  

The Schwab Foundation for Learning

Speech and Language Disorders  

Teens Helping Teens  

Tera's NLD Jumpstation - A Resource on Nonverbal Learning Disabilities by an NLD Person.