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Marfan Syndrome 

Baby Net: Marfan Syndrome - Information about Marfan Syndrome from the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation.

Canadian Marfan Association - Information about Marfan syndrome, articles, events, Marfan patient survey, products.

Dr. Chow's Marfan Survey - Research on the pros and cons of heart surgery for people with Marfan Syndrome.

Glory's Marfan Syndrome Info Site

Marfan Association UK Home Page

Marfan Syndrome - One person's story of life with Marfan syndrome.

Marfan Syndrome - describes the symptoms of Marfan's Syndrome and has photographs of severe cases.

The Marfan Syndrome - Symptoms and diagnosis of Marfan Syndrome, from the Arthritis Foundation.

Marfan-List - A forum for people interested in Marfan Syndrome.

Marfan's Syndrome - This is a case study of the diagnosis and treatment of a basketball player with Marfan Syndrome.

National Marfan Foundation  

Stanford University Marfan Center - Research, testing and care for Marfan Syndrome and related connective tissue disorders.

These Humble Hands