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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 

C. S. L. 's Fact, Fiction, Disability and the Law - A report using facts to present both the Legal and Medical issues pertaining to individuals with MCS.

Chemical Injury Information Network

Chemically Sensitive Living  

Crow Chronicles newsletter - Crow Chronicles lists resources and gives information on how to survive MCS.

Department of Justice ADA Home Page - The ADA Home Page can assist individuals who have MCS with Title I, II, and III information.

EI/MCS Information - Information about MCS, and ways to become active in promoting the cause of MCS patients.

Environmental Health Center-Dallas - At the Environmental Health Center, we help patients overcome chemical-related injury and thrive.

Environmental Health Network  

Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute  

Living with MCS - The Dispossessed: Living with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), the book, and additional resources for MCS.

Medical Choice (Environmental Medicine) - A research resource for environmental medicine, environmental illness, and multiple chemical sensitivity.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS): What It Is, What It Is Not, And How It Is Manifested. - Environmental Illness, MCS. (By Sheila Bastien, Ph.D.)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity