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Multiple Personality Disorder 

Amongst Ourselves 

Astraea's Home Page - Fresh perspectives on the subject of Multiple Personality, with numerous links to other related sites. 

Christian Multiples' Web Ring  

Coming Out Multiple  

Depersonalization Discussion Board  

Health Net: Dissociative Identity Disorder  

The International Society for the Study of Dissociation

The New York Society for the Study of Multiple Personality & Dissociation  

Pam in SC/Pem home pages introduction  

Peaceful Corner Poems  

Princesses Haven  

Quiet's Corner: Where Multiple Personality Is Considered Normal  

Rainbow House - This is a non-profit organization that offers information about multiple personality disorder.

Sidran Foundation Online

Silly Stuff - A light-hearted approach to the daily challenges facing those with multiple personalities. 

Soul's Self-Help Central

Split Angels  

Survivors and More  

We Are Not of One Mind  

Wonderful World of the MidContinuum