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Parents of Children with Disabilities 

Partners Resource Network


Parent-to-Parent Internet of PA  

Parents With Disabilities -

Exceptional Parent

Partners Resource Network, PATH & SURE Projects  

Educational rights of children with learning disabilities  

Rights and Responsibilities of Parents of Children With Disabilities  

Parent-to-Parent Internet of PA  

Dictionary: For Parents of Children with Disabilites  

CAPD Parents' Page  

Institute for Remedial Intervention Services (IRIS)  

Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA)  

Friends of the Disabled Association  

Parents, Inc.  

Dyslexia Home Schooling Support at Greenwood Institute  

Oklahoma Parent eNetwork - An electronic network of parents of children with disabilities residing in Oklahoma.

Garfield Early Childhood Center - Information about the campus and programs. Special links for parents of children with disabilities.

Wrightslaw - Information for parents, advocates, lawyers, and educators who need legal information regarding the education of children with disabilities.

Chapman's Speech and Developmental Delays - For parents for of children with speech delays, developmental delays, special ed, SID, and other disabilities.

Nessa G. Siegel - Attorney representing parents and children with disabilities in need of special education and related services.