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Personality Disorders 

Personality Disorders information - Information about the major personality disorders, from Antisocial to Schizotypal.

A Light in the Darkness: support for mood disorders

NPA Personality Theory  

Narcissistic Personality: Functional and Structural Domain Descriptions Mental Health

A Light in the Darkness: support for mood disorders  

Personality and Consciousness

Borderline Personality Disorder

Dr. Melvin Stern, M.D. - Specializes in treating patients with depressive, phobic, anxiety, obsessive compulsive and personality disorders.

Focus Adolescent Services  

Mental Health Directory  

Biological Unhappiness  

Health Net: Dissociative Identity Disorder  

Spirit of Recovery Addictions Counseling  

The Masterson Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  

Aggression in Personality Disorders and Perversions