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STOP Sex Offenders! STOP Sex Offenders: Your source for child & family safety information!

Informative Child Safety Area, child abuse information, National Sex Offender

Registry, free exclusive online Child ID System, Safety for Women, & much more!

30+ Reunion Registries - Search and list information in more than 30 different reunion registries and other resources to find lost birth relatives.

International Registries, Inc - An organization that, through its affiliates, manages the operational and administrative functions of the Liberian and Marshall Islands maritime and corporate programs.

Sex Offender Registry Information Center - A comprehensive guide to online sex offender registries in all 50 states.

Nevada Regsitry - Adoption registry featuring listings and links to other useful sites and registries.

US Kids - Justice for Children - Find online child molester registries for your area. 

Coalition For Adoption Registry Ethics - Setting a standard of ethics for online reunion registries.

Domain name registries around the world  - ALL Domain name registries around the world

grep Domain Name - International whois service to check domain name registration from about 200+ domain registries worldwide.

Add A Listing - Offers an opportunity to post details of an adoption search. Includes links to search tips and free registries.

International Registries, Inc.  

Macleod Trail Registries -

Larry Nolen - Mopar Stuff - Classified ads, links, lists of registries

EURO DB specialist in information legal and official  

Cord Blood Transplant Links - Links to registries, storage facilities and articles.

Sex Offender Registries - By County Listings.