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Rehabilitation Counseling 

Family Counseling Center

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation & Counseling, Wichita, KS - Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation & Counseling website. 

Aaragon Chiropractic Clinic - Full service chiropractic facility offering x-rays, examinations, nutritional counseling, stress management, spinal rehabilitation, weight loss counseling, gentle adjustments, physiotherapy and spinal massage.

Counseling By Phone  

Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Goodwill Industries Of Acadiana, Inc. - Identifys and provide opportunites for people who are disadvantaged, disabled and other individuals with special needs through rehabilitation, counseling, job training and employment using resources obtained primarily from self-generating revenue sources and outside funding.

Unofficial Rehabilitation Counseling Web Page  

The Behavior Home Page - A collaboration of the Kentucky Department of Education, 

Lions World Services for the Blind - One of the World's largest, multi-service rehabilitation centers for the blind and visually impaired persons, in Little Rock, Arkansas.