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Repetitive Strain Injuries 

Amara's RSI Page

- Information and essay about repetitive strain injuries.

Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injuries: How the Alexander Technique can Help  

Benefits of Pulsed Signal Therapy - The traditional treatment for repetitive stress injuries.

Case Study: RSI - Injury in a postal worker.

Computer related repetative strain injury  

CUPE - A program to investigate and document all complaints of pain related to the workplace.

The Elements of the Differential Diagnosis - The differental dianosis and therapy issues.

Ergonomics and Repetitive Strain Injuries  

GuitarBase Articles-RSI - Prevention of repetitive strain injuries. 

The Harvard RSI Action - Discussing Repetitive Stress Injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis of the hands and wrists.

Healthlink-Repetitive Strain Injury  

Injuries Due To Computer Usage  

Links to Office Safety Related Sites  

Natural Life Magazine #40 - Protect yourself from repetitive strain injuries.

Pain-Free Typing Technique  

Recommendations, Prevention, and Workers' Compensation  

Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive Strain Injury: - Causes, treatment, and prevention; slide presentation by Jeff Okamoto of the Hewlett Packard Corporation.

RSI - Sophistocated breaks and exercise software with individually customised settings and intelligent warning system (includes micropauses). 

R.S.I. Information and Support Group

RSI prevention software  

RSI Support Group - Occupational Health Program: "Safe Workplaces and Healthy Communities".

RSI-UK: UK-specific information on Repetitive Strain Injury - Information for people in the UK suffering from or concerned about RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

Stetches - A list of stretching exercises you can do to avoid repetitive strain injuries or to reduce the inflammation.