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Robot Wars

Robot Wars & Dangerous Machines - Robot Wars site detailing RobotWars entries and Robot Wars related information - links, guides, help and discussion forum.

Robot Wars Official UK Site - Yes, that's right. It's the official site with news, an on-line store, a discussion forum, chat room and links - worth a visit!

Ben's Page: Robot Wars - This page details future Robot Wars US entry, Scorpion.

Deatails of the fighting machines - The heavy weight robot that delivers a big punch designed for fighting other machines and events such as Robot Wars, battle bots etc...detailed site follows the Battles and Build of this fighting Robot.

Havoc, UK robotwars page. - The home page of Havoc the robot, who competes in Robot Wars on UK BBC television. Come and see the site, which gives detailed information about the original Havoc robot and the newer one to compete in the next series.

Robot Wars - The Official Site for Robot Wars US -- a mechanical sporting event that features radio controlled robots in a contest of destruction and survival.

Southampton Masters Engineering Group - Robot Wars Project - Robot Wars Project- Southampton Masters Engineering Group - with the robot entry BOTWEILER

Team Mr E's Homepage - Latest information on team Mr E's Robot Wars projects including specifications, design ideas, construction diary and Mr E's news.

Tectonic Robotwars UK - A site with pictures, statistics and information from all series of the UK Robot Wars competition. It also has pictures, interviews, and links.

Robot Wars - official site. A mechanically minded survival of the fittest in which teams and individuals construct robots and fight it out for supremacy. Join the Robot Wars Fan Club, find out how the programme was made.

Robot Wars Discussion Board - a moderated discussion board for Robot Wars fans, and robot builders.

Robotic Creations: Home Of The Robot Awards - The annual voting event is nearly here again, starting April 20th voting for your favourite robots commence.

Robotz Rule UK - Robot Wars fan site with profiles, pictures, news, links, a mailing list, house robot info, and features.

Tectonic Robot Wars UK - loads of info on all series of the UK Robot Wars competition. It has pictures, statistics, stories, links, interviews, and a construction diary of TRACIE 2.

Razer Homepage - A Scorpion tailed robot, with a crushing arm with the pressure of 9 tonnes. Most feared of the competitors, but plagued by mechanical failure at the worst of times. (December 20, 1999)

- A Polycarbonate protected speed machine with a seriously deadly pneumatically powered axe. First seen in Series II, came second in Battlebots in America, and is back for Series III. (December 17, 1999)

Mortis - a tracked vehicle with forged tanto blade running on eccentric drive. FAQ, vital statistics and how the robot was constructed. Has a new look for Series III including a lifting arm. Was entered in Series I&II, and should be in Series III (December 17, 1999)

Panic Attack - Winner of Series II, Has a spider on its shell. Has plenty of shunt. Sponsered by firms for charity the further it got. It is in Series III. (December 17, 1999)

Roadblock - Winner of Robot Wars Series I, made of road signs. A wedge with a cutting disc on the back. (December 17, 1999)

Welcome to the Virtual Home of Team Behemoth - Eat Me is what this bot says on the front, series semi-finalist in Series II, unfortunatly eliminated in its heat in Series III, but is very promising. Has a pneumatic bucket at the front, can drag a Land Rover, and axes on the back. (December 17, 1999)

RobotWar3D a virtual robotics programming strategy game. - A competitive robotics game to challenge and develop logical thinking and programming skill in visual basic, c, or delphi as you create battle robots.