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Smoking Addiction

The QuitNet   - Helps smokers kick their nicotine addiction, providing tools, information, and support for people quitting smoking. 

My Battle For Life - First person, day by day, unfolding story of a smoker and his battle to quit a "50 a day, 43 year addiction which was slowly killing me".

The Sober Alcoholic's Stop Smoking Support Page 

Bibliography on smoking and health - A selection of Addiction Research Foundation library materials on smoking and health.

Addiction Medicine Forum - Ask the Doctor - Medical question and answer forum covering alcoholism, drug abuse, and smoking.

Smoking: truth or dare - Focus is on the consequences of smoking here and now, not maybe later. Here and now, smoking robs teens of their looks, nicotine addiction takes over their lives, and empties their wallets.

The Stop Smoking Planner (Mayo Clinic) - Are you thinking of stopping smoking? Success will give you much greater control of your life and your health. The Stop Smoking Planner helps you improve your chances of becoming smoke-free and overcoming your addiction to nicotine.

Hypnotherapy CDs and tapes...Hypnotherapy the Harris method

The Smoking Gun - Documents that show the FBI's knowledge of Elvis' addiction to cocaine.

COPD:Update in Nicotine Addiction Therapies - Smoking Cessation and Clinical Practice

ASH - Action on Smoking and Health - A London-based charity specialising in dealing with addiction and health problems relating to tobacco.

Tobacco giant accused of buying silence 

MedHelp Ask the Doctor - Addiction Medicine

South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services: Tobacco Use 

Ask DrSteve: The Real Story about Smoking, Drinking & Drugs