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Social Phobia

Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Mailing List - Information on Paxil, a treatment for social anxiety disorder. 

Anxiety and Social Phobia - Suffering from social phobia, an anxiety disorder, and some discoveries I have made about social anxiety by living in a small town. 

Christchurch Social Phobia Support Group -

The Anxiety Network International Home Page - Social Anxiety Disorder (social phobia), panic, and generalized anxiety are comprehensively covered by The Anxiety Network.

Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder) Page - "Questioning Myself about social situations" are questions that help socially anxious people think rationally. Links to other social anxiety (social phobia) sites are featured.

Araneum Nostrum - Support for Panic-Anxiety Disorders 

Social Phobia & Other Anxiety Disorders - Personal homepage with links to other personal sites of people dealing with anxiety/panic disorders and phobias, along with more links to informational sites, mailing lists, books, etc.

Fear of Humans (Social Phobia) - Social phobia and avoidant personality disorder are covered by this website. 

Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association 

Shyness and Social Anxiety - Free informational pages regarding treatment and self-help for shyness, social anxiety, social phobia, panic attacks, selective mutism, self-esteem and related problems.

Social Anxiety/Social Phobia: Third Largest Mental Health Problem

The Social Anxiety Network Home Page 

The Anxiety Network International Home Page 

Social Phobia - The Largest Anxiety Disorder 

Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder)

Social Phobia Statements - These are my personal statements that started me on my journey to getting rid of social phobia (or social anxiety).