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E-mail Discussion and Support Groups - For stutterers, parents, and speech pathologists.

Stuttering FAQ - Frequently-asked questions about stuttering.

National Center For Stuttering - Air flow stuttering therapy program, with Martin Schwartz, in New York City.

East Carolina University - Neurology, electronic anti-stuttering research, more.

Stutterers Tips - Two amazing free secrets to help stop stuttering, from Sound Feelings.

Editor's Choice - Books, videos, and newsletters about stuttering.

Stuttering Science & Therapy Website - The Stuttering FAQ file, the Stuttering Penpals webpage, recommended books and videos, e-mail support groups, and Casa Futura Technologies' catalog of electronic stuttering therapy devices.

Stuttering Prevention Programs - Indirect stuttering therapy for young children.

Stuttering Penpals Page - Hundreds of men and women from all kinds of professions and all areas of the world.

ASHA - Questions and answers about stuttering.

AIBACOM - Italian Stuttering Organization

Stuttering Control Drill - 12-page stuttering self-help booklet, by Howard Richman.

Acoustical Society of America - Effects of alterations in auditory feedback on stuttering

Mel Tillis - writes about his life and how stuttering made him a star. Great story

NSP Publications - National Stuttering Project books, videos, posters.

Stuttering Home Page 

Stuttering Foundation of America - Inexpensive books and videos for parents, teachers, speech pathologists, and adults and teenagers who stutter.

Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-Selbsthilfe e.V. - German Association for Stuttering Self-Help

Free DAF software - Stuttering therapy software for Macintosh computers, by Tom Morrow.

Laboratory for Speech Physiology and Motor Control 

Born With A Broken Tongue - Stuttering simulation website and CD-ROM

SFA Products - Stuttering Foundation of America books and videos.