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Testicular Cancer 

Booklet: What You Need to Know about Testicular Cancer  

GME PRODUCTIONS Online - Testicular Cancer Information  

How Is Testicular Cancer Treated - Learn the treatment information from the National Cancer Institute.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund - Testicular Cancer Factsheet - General facts and information pertaining to testicular cancer. Testicular Cancer Health and Medical Information

Orchid Cancer Appeal - Promoting Awareness of Prostate and Testicular Cancer - A UK charity devoted to research and treatment in men's cancers. 

Screening for testicular cancer - Information for doctors and health care professionals on screening for testicular cancer.

A Starting Page for Testicular Cancer - A physician guided website for testicular cancer patients, their families, and caregivers. 

Testicular Cancer - Very informative and offers advice on many aspects of the condition and its treatment.

Testicular Cancer - Concise and general information regarding testicular cancer. 

Testicular Cancer Links

Testicular Cancer Resource Center, The - Dedicated to providing necessary TC info.

Testicular Cancer: Survival High with Early Treatment - In men aged 15 to 34, testicular cancer ranks as the most common cancer.

Testicular Cancer: Things You Might Not Know - 6,000 new cases are diagnosed in the United States each year, but with early detection and treatment, the cure rate has increased greatly, to as high as 96 percent.

Testicular Cancer Trials - Documents relating to clinical trials conducted on testicular cancer.

Testicular Self Examination - The testicular cancer is highly curable if it is diagnosed in early stage. Men can greatly increase their chances of early diagnosis by performing a simple procedure called testicular self-examination (TSE).

Testicular tumors - Guidelines to consider for tumour marker testing in testicular carcinoma