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Australian Thalassaemia Association  

Berloni Foundation - Berloni Foundation against thalassemia base at Italy

Cooley's Anemia Foundation - Funds medical research, patient services, public information and professional education to combat this fatal hereditary blood disease

Emirates Thalassemia Society - To assist and help patients suffering from Thalassemia disease

Joint Center for Sickle Cell and Thalassemic Disorders - Overview of hemoglobin disorders, iron overload, and their treatment

NOAH - Thalassemia information. Public health education information sheet, genetic series. 

Persatuan Thalassaemia Melaka (PTM) - Malacca association of Thalassemia. 

Sarawak Thalassaemia Society - Serving as a network of information and support groups for the families of the thalasseamic patients

Thalassaemeia Association Malaysia (TAM) - A website for thalassaemic patients, parents and friends to obtain information and news about Thalassaemia in Malaysia.

Thalassaemia International Federation

Thalassaemia On-line - FAQ and WorldWide Thalassaemia Associations addresses

Thalassaemia (Thalassemia) In Malaysia Website  

Thalassemia - Article from the March of Dimes site.

Thalassemia - Infomation on thalassemia .

Thalassemia: Life - personal website by Thal Girl

Thalassemia treatment, prevention, and more - Children's Hospital Oakland Comprehensive Thalassemia Center

United Kingdom Thalassaemia Society