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American Health Consultants Online Symposia  

Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center - Links and resources on thrombosis and hemostasis from Temple University.

Thrombosis Interest Group of Canada - Detailed information on thrombosis (blood clots)- explanations and treatment options.

Thrombosis Research Home Page - Mount Sinai School of Medicine is also doing reaseach on thrombosis.

Thrombosis Research Institute - A multidisciplinary organization concerned with the interrelated problems of thrombosis and a therosclerosis. 

Thrombosis treatment, prevention, and much more. - A wide range of helpful Thrombosis information concerning treatment, prevention, diagnosis.

Thrombotic Disorders Resource Center - Provides health care professionals with articles on the pathophysiology, pharmacology, and clinical aspects of thrombosis, thrombotic disorders, and hemostasis.