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CME Reviews - Trichotillomania - Full Length research articles on Trichotillomania

Fairlite - A great site for information on TTM and a bulletin board support group.

Guide to Help someone with TTM

International Trichotillomania Day - International TTM day is June 22. Check out this site for ways to "celebrate" or events happening in your area.

JK Diet Page - Some people find that the JK diet (devised by John Kender) is very helpful in curbing and curing the urge to pull. This site discusses the diet and includes recipies too!

Pioneer Clinic - Trichotillomania Treatment & Educational Center

Tina's Trichotillomania Page - Information and links.

Trichotillomania - A booklet providing the public with the cause, diagnosis and treatment of Trichotillomania, a stereotyped recurrent pulling of hair. 

Trichotillomania: The TM Central Home Page.

Trichotillomania Learning Center Online  

TTM UK - A new site that is dedicated to the needs of trichsters located in the United Kingdom.