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Universal Design 

Universal Design in Housing and the Built Environment - A collaborative effort focusing on universal design in the built environment to make all housing, products, buildings, and exterior spaces usable by all people to the greatest extent possible.

Center for Universal Design - A national research, information, and technical assistance center .

Adaptive Environments Center  

Adaptive Environments Center, Inc., Boston - Information about the New England ADA Technical Assistance Center.

Kitchens By Richardson - Sheboygan, WI - Kitchen and Bath Design, Remodeling, and Cabinetry  

Universal Hospital Services - UHS - Hospital planners and medical equipment consultants offering project research and feasibility studies.

Universal Technical Systems, Inc.

Universal Systems House -  has the capabilities of system design, web design, implementation, training, technical support, upgrading and providing services to every size organization.

Adaptive Environments Center - Promotes accessibility as well as universal design through education programs, technical assistance, training, consulting, publications and design advocacy.