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Animal Rights

American Anti-Vivisection SocietyAn Organization that is trying to end the use of animals in all biomedical research, dissection, testing, and education.

ASPCA. American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Animal Crimes ResourceThe Law Enforcement Dept. of the Oregon Humane Society for those interested in animal cruelty investigations locally and nationwide.

Animal Defense LeagueInformation about animal rights organization, news and upcoming events

Animal LifeArticles on different issues concerned with animal rights.

Animal PlaceNon profit sanctuary for abused and the discarded farm animals.

Animal Protesters BulletinInformation from the people against live exports and animal cruelty.

ARCAnimal Responsibility Cyprus a group whose aim is to educate the public on animal welfare, proper animal care and animal protection.

Animal Rights Cambridge Information on the organization and it's mission, and the Criminal Injustice Act.

Animal Rights Law CenterDetails regarding the protection of animals and regulations about animal rights.

Animal RightsAn opposing view to animal rights activists in an article by Dr. Edwin Locke from the Ayn Rand Institute.

Animal Rights Resource SiteThe Animal Rights Resource Site details and info plus a chat room.

Animal Rights FAQContaining details of all the question you can think of like fur, entertainment, labs, activism and arguments from biology.

Animal Rights HawaiiContains a bill of rights for animals and a cruelty-free shopping guide, reference materials, essays, journals and pictures.

Animal Welfare Institute Information on whales the wildlife trade and lab animals.

Animals in Mind This is a UK based animal charity aimed at increasing the understanding of animals.

Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights Research and manuscripts on moral concerns, details of surgical training, toxicity, and dissection.

Ark Trust Details of action alerts the celebrity support and the Genesis Awards also an activist pages.

Bear Watch Information on the group and it's conmined to protecting bears in British Columbia.

Brigitte Bardot FoundationInformation of animal rights, defense and how you can help

Bushmeat Project An article about the slaughter of gorillas and chimpanzees in Africa.

Colorado People Allied with Wildlife Information regarding a petition for anti-trapping laws in Colorado and the positive effect of the petition.

Compassion in World Farming This group investigates, and campaigns against, the cruelty to animals in inherent factory farming.

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel Nonprofit organization devoted to supporting the efforts in Israel to improve life for all living beings.

Encyclopedia of Direct Action A site that should provides all the information you'll ever need to legally defend animal rights.

European Federation against Hunting An organization's who's aimed is to abolishing hunting.

Federal Association Against Vivisection An animal rights group based in Germany with, information on there activities and achievements.

Feminists for Animal Rights The national education organization that aims at ending abuse against women and animals.

Friends of Animals An animal activist group defending animal rights.

The Great Ape Project this site an organization promot the rights of apes with F.A.Q. and how to help the Great Ape

Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals A guidelines that's been developed by the American Psychological Association for use when working with nonhuman animals.

Houston Animal Welfare Coalition This has dedicated it self to educating the public and highlighting falsehoods and myths.

Janna Publications This site offers free humane education literature addressing animal rights issues such as overpopulation, research, fur, and the entertainment industry.

Jews for Animal Rights Promotes vegetarianism, alternatives to animal research, and community action programs.

The Latham Foundation A national organization promoting respect for all life through education.

Manitoba Animal Rights Coalition Information on the aims and efforts of MARC,

National Alliance for Animals An Organization that produces comprehensive animal rights conferences and marches.

The Nature of Wellness Informs the public about the invalidity of animal experimentation and testing.

Nazi Animal Protection An article debating whether or not Hitler was a "vegetarian" and the attempts made to ban vivisection.

Passports for Pets Information on an organization working to revise the quarantine laws of the UK.

PAWS Progressive Animal Welfare Society has a lost and found service Online and detailed articles on giving up and placing an animal,

Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Details about using psychology to enrich the world through respect for human and non-human animals.Has newsletters articles, publications and details of projects.

VOICE for Animals Information about the organization.

The Welfare of Veal Calves This is a review of the Scientific Evidence published by the Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare.

World Guide to Animal Rights Details about animal rights related information, organizations and campaigns.