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Antiques and Collectibles

Strictly speaking, "antiques" are items over a hundred years old. If they are at least 50 years old, they are sometimes called "semi-antiques" which takes in interesting periods like Art Moderne from the 50's, Art Retro from the 40's and late 30's, and Art Deco from the early 30's and 20's.

Items of interest can be classified as "collectibles" and they seem to fit with antiques as most of the antique malls springing up around the country as well as the antique shows include collectibles.

However, most rule out new collectibles as not suitable for display and sale with antiques. In keeping with this tradition, we would like to limit this category to antiques, semi-antiques and collectibles at least 10 or 20 years old.

Antiques and Collectibles