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Academic Language Therapy Association - A non-profit national professional organization incorporated in 1986 for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, and promoting standards of education, practice and professional conduct for Certified Academic Language Therapists.

All Experts Speech Disorder - Volunteer experts answer your detailed questions on how to deal with speech disorders.

Aphasia - Links concerning treatment, diagnosis, support, personal stories, and much more. Presented by HealthlinkUSA.

Aphasia: A short case study of an aphasic adult - By a student clinician who wonders about the efficacy of speech therapy for aphasia.

Aphasia Center of California - The Aphasia Center of California is a nonprofit community based organization providing group and individual speech-language treatment, caregiver's groups, and recreational classes for individuals with aphasia following stroke.

Aphasia Fact Sheet - National Aphasia Association website. Aphasia is the inability to understand language, to speak or to write. Stroke or severe head injuries are the most common causes. Aphasia is sometimes treated with surgery but if it results from a stroke it must be treated with speech therapy although there is no 'cure'.

Aphasia Rehabilitation at Language Care Centers - An innovative, clinically proven therapy program with locations throughout the USA, for acquired language disorders, such as aphasia, apraxia and dysarthria. Postive outcomes created by Lingraphica system, an interactive tool used by SLPs & patients.

Apricot, Inc. - Materials and services for children and adults with learning, language, and behavior differences, including help for slow readers, children and adults who just can't seem to learn, dyslexia, hyperactive and ADHD, behavior problems in children, autism. Workshops also held in Portland, Oregon

Assistive Communication Technology Inc. - Provider of software and professional training for all communication disorders and distributor of Prentke Romich augmentive communication devices in the Long Island and upstate New York areas.

Augmentive Communication - Links to augmentive communication resources, plus book sales. [Augmentive communication allows people with speech impairments to speak.]

Beeks Speech-Language Therapy Services and Consulting - Evaluations and individualized therapy for children and adults by a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist. Student and contractual services are also available. Site includes articulation, oral motor intervention, and voice therapy information. North Texas and Southern Oklahoma areas.

Bungalow Software - Resources to assist with language and cognitive rehabilitation from stroke, aphasia, TBI, etc. Free therapy software demos and newsletter. For use by patients, speech therapists and neurologists.

Canadian Ophthalmological Society: Learning Disabilities - A description of learning disabilities, including dyslexia. Dyslexia may result in difficulties with reading and with speaking and writing.

CAPD: From the Heart of a Mother - Resource guide for parents dealing with central auditory processing disorder. Includes information about the disorder, links to supportive organizations, and stories from the hearts of parents who have faced or are facing the disorder.

Coping Strategies For Families Adjusting To Aphasia - Communication tips and suggestions for support, provided by Healthtouch Online and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Dyslexia - A publication of HealthlinkUSA. Contains links to organizations, forums, educational sites, and personal pages.

Dyslexia, the Gift - Davis Dyslexia Association site explores the positive side of dyslexia, with articles, more than 100 outside links, bookstore and two interactive discussion boards. Features sections in six different languages, worldwide listings of dyslexia correction providers, and information about workshops and certification program for teachers.

Dystonia Foundation - The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation supports research into and awareness of the various dystonias/dysphonias, including spasmodic dysphonia, oromandibular dystonia, and orofacial-buccal dystonia.

Global Aphasia: Q & A - Detailed information concerning symptoms, diagnostic tests, therapies, and communication strategies. Reference links are included.

Gus Communications, Inc. - Software for speech output and computer access, developed specifically for people who've experienced speech loss as a result of stroke, ALS, or a similar condition.

Hayer-Vuyk, LLC - Professional Speech Consultants - Improve business, professional, and social speaking skills. Specializing in foreign and regional accent reduction and corporate speech pathology. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Help Me Talk Right - Speech therapy books for speech pathologists and parents.

Horizon Speech Therapy Services - Private clinical practice, fully certified and licensed, specializes in pediatrics. Proven methods in speech and/or language development to help your child reach his/her potential. Serving the Northern Bergen County area of Northern New Jersey.

Laboratory for Speech Physiology and Motor Control - The two major research programs that form the main focus of the laboratory are designed to examine (a) the sensorimotor organization and control of multiple articulatory and phonatory actions contributing to normal speech production, and (b) the neuromotor and neurophysiological mechanisms underlying stuttering.

Language Disorders - Online support and information listings for a wide range of language disorders, including apraxia of speech / verbal dyspraxia, hyperlexia, and central auditory processing disorder.

Language Vision, Inc. - Speech Training Software - Software for speech training using real-time graphical feedback. Uses include deaf speech, communiucations disorders, aphasia, and accent reduction. Free demonstration software.

LexiLogic Software - Programs for the learning/relearning of early literacy and developing spelling skills, based upon a cognitive neuro-psychological approach. Suitable for children and adults.

LinguiSystems, Inc. - Publisher of speech therapy and language arts materials for SLPs, teachers, and parents. Therapeutic and educational products may be ordered through the LinguiSystems site.

Luisa Cabré Logopedia Online - Online answers to questions about Logopedics, the pedagogical treatment of speech and language disturbances. Spanish and English language site.

National Center for Voice and Speech - Research center at the University of Iowa

Resources for Speech Therapists - Free professional resources, including links, e-mail accounts (, job listings, and discussion areas.

Speech After Stroke: Rehabilitation Enhances Recovery and Lifestyle - Descriptions of stroke-related speech disorders and the methods that are used to treat them. Provided by the Mayo Clinic Health Oasis.

Speech Therapy: A Primer - Introduction to pediatric speech therapy, presented by Ellen L. Councill, M.Sc., CCC-SLP. Related terms are defined; concepts and goals are discussed.

Speech Therapy in Sevenoaks - Home page of Philippa Benson, Speech, Language and Literacy Therapist and Dynamic Assessor of Thinking Skills. Services are offered in the Kent (UK) area. - Expanding site offering listings for online resources of interest to practising speech-language pathologists, educators, students, and parents.

Tigress Communications Speech Therapy Software Tools - Discover a set of software tools that is designed to aid in the rehabilitation of patients affected by dysphasia. The set includes TigTalk Letters, TigTalk Words and TigTalk Numbers, which are intended to help patient relearn the alphabet, build vocabulary, and recognize numbers, respectively.

University of Pittsburgh Voice Center - Educational information regarding voice disorders. The site includes details on preventive voice health care and treatment of disorders, and addresses special issues for individuals who rely on their voice for their profession.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville: Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology - Describes the department's clinical and educational offerings, which include services for adults and children and degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. The department operates the UTK Hearing and Speech Center and is affiliated with regional health care centers.

The Voice Center at Eastern Virginia Medical School - A Web site dedicated to disorders of the voice and larynx.

The Voice Foundation - Online home of a world leader in education and care of the professional voice user. The site provides information about The Voice Foundation's video library, meetings and Journal of Voice. It also provides a search engine for locating Foundation members around the world.