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Avian Pets

The Finch DiariesThe Finch Diaries

Finch World

Exotic Finch information and links.The Pet Bird Page

Quaker Parakeet Information Center Quaker ParakeetInformation Center

Zebra Finches on the InternetCare, clubs, exhibitions, research, and more.

Amateur's Guide to Keeping ParrotsPage is for beginners and provides simple instructions regarding the care of a parrot

Beakers Parrot Society Rich source of enthusiast's interests

Budgerigar Mailing List Page Home of the Budgie Mailing List.The Blue Chip Exhibition Budgerigar SocietyThe Blue Chip Exhibition Budgerigar Society

The Fabulous KakapoThe Fabulous Kakapo

The Online Book of Parrots This "virtual" book contains information about parrots and parrotlike birds

Racing Pigeons in the U.K.

Racing principles, breeding, and training pigeons

Poultry & Fowl Fly Away Home

Movie about "A family of orphaned geese who lost their way" Poultry Page Featherside's on-line garden of domestic fowl.

Hawk-headed Parrot FAQ Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Hawk-headed Parrots

Howard Voren's Breeder Q & A Online Archive

Bird expert shares vast experience with breeders EMS and Veterinary Medicine Artwork, learning and reference materials, Q & A with a Dr.: a full-compliment veterinary resource.

Health Innovations A magazine for natural nutritional discoveries

Paw Prints Post Lively, fun-filled newsletter celebrating the human-animal bond

Pet Talk, America Talk radio show about pets

Seacoast Publishing Publishers of Finch & Canary World and Cockatiel & Parakeet World

Winged Wisdom Online magazine presenting articles, tips, hints and information related to keeping and breeding exotic birds

Aviary Manager 2.0Access and maintain all your birds and aviary info.

Inroads Interactive Multimedia packacges: dogs, cats, horses, exotics, and even bugs

Maplewood CommunicationsSceensaver displaying photos of your own pets

Tiel TalkCustomizable Win95 program for teaching birds to talk

Tropical Parrot Screen Saver from Eric Ilasenko, Photographer