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Botany Botany - A page of links and articles.

Allelopathy Links - links on alelopathy research / information

Australian National Botanic Gardens Biodiversity Server - About the Botanic Gardens, Australian plants, access to databases on living plants, herbarium specimens, and photographs.

Australian Plant Name Index - An extensive publication explaining this index.

Australian PlantsSociety, SGAP Townsville Branch Inc. - Information about Australian plants and the Society for Growing Australian Plants Townsville Branch Inc.

A Base for Plants and their Biology - Links to: plants and gardening information online; resources for plants, seeds and seedlings; and information on physiology, ecology, diseases, taxonomy and the general biology of plants.

Bean Genes Homepage - Databases about beans, links to Phaseolus and Vigna sites, bean product information, and links to other genome sites.

BioScience Research Tool: Botany - Specialized directory of online tools and resources selected for Botanists, Plant Physiologists, and Plant Molecular Geneticists.

BoDD (Botanical Dermatology Database) - Search Engine - A continuously expanding resource of plant names and products as well as dermatological information. Electronic version of a book by J. Mitchell & A. Rook.

Botanical Authors database - Search the database of authors who contributed to the contents of the catalog of type specimens in the Harvard University Herbaria.

Botanical Publications database - Database of publications used to verify the entry of publication names in the Harvard Herberaria catalog.

Botanical Research and Biotechnology Organization - Botresearch specializes in the development of protocols for in vitro micropropagation, photomicroscopy and the development of educational materials for universities.

Botanical Society of America Image Collection - Educational images for instructional use, with a search of the site. There are 14 collections of photos.

Botany Encyclopedia - Includes a botanical dictionary, advice for gardeners, and a store selling plants.

Carnivorous Plants - Cultivation, propagation, and general information; photos; and links.

Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research - An Introduction to the Eucalypts - the genera Eucalyptus, Corymbia and Angophora.

The Collectors Database - Consists of names and information on collectors and collecting teams for the Harvard Herberaria.

The Cucurbitaceae - A compilation of botanical information on the species of Cucurbitaceae. Links are provided of related websites.

Databases at the National Agricultural Library - Databases at the National Agricultural Library

Department of Botany - From the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. Contains information, research, and images.

Download the Complete Plant List via FTP - United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service

The flora of Maltese walls - Flora and vegetation of walls in Malta

Flora of North America - Project undertaken by North American botanists to provide information on the approximately 21,000 species of plants that grow outside of cultivation in North America north of Mexico. Volumes are posted to the web site as they are completed.

Floraguide - Large link page; divided into commercial and non-commercial databases.

Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit - conducts a broad based program contributing to basic and developmental research and the implementation of new technologies for the florist and nursery industries.

Florida Plants Online - Information about the plant life and plant habitats of Florida.

FoodplantDB - Searchable resource of genome information on edible plants. Electronic version of a 1936 publication by Elias Yanovsky, Food Plants of the North American Indians.

Formidible Persausion - Textual review of the development of evolutionary trees in botany.

Glossary of Botanical Terms - Contains more than 2,500 terms relating to botany, gardening, horticulture and landscape architecture. Fully searchable and it is regularly updated.

Green Plant Phylogeny Home Page - Green plant phylogeny research coordination group.

Herbarium Supply Company online-catalog - Online catalog of archival supplies for botanical collections.

Herbs, seeds, plants, and extracts for homeopathy and alternative medicine. - Natural remedies using organic herbs and extracts. Alternative medicine information and free Online Herbalist. Seeds, plants, cactus for ethnobotanical gardening.

Images from the flora of Roosevelt, New Jersey - National Historic Site, with photographs of New Jersey plants.

Impact of Light Wavelength on Photosynthetic Rate in Brassica rapa - A scientific research project.

International Centre for Research and Training on Seabuckthorn - Information on the biology of this plant and its uses for environmental, economic, nutritional, and medical purposes; emphasizing erosion control.

International Plant Genetic Resources Institute - Contains information on IPGRI, resources, and press releases.

Internet Directory for Botany - A collection of links to resources and images.

Kingdom: Plantae - A growing directory of the hierarchy, from Kingdom down to species, with common names included, and descriptive pages on selected species.

Le calcaire de Montjean-châteaupanne - The floristic biodiversity of a small patch of calcareous land situated 3 km upstream of the town of Montjean sur Loire, France.

Links2Go: Botany - Links and topics related to botany.

National Plants Database - Includes a database of plant names, a plant photo gallery, plant fact sheets, information about various aspects of plants, and links.

Oasis Botanical Sanctuary - A environmental organization dedicated to the Restoration of Ecolibrium Through the preservation of endangered and threatened plants. A California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.

PalDat - Searchable database related to pollen and palynology. Developed in the Department of Ultrastructure Research and Palynology, University of Vienna, Austria.

Plants for a future - A Resource and Information Centre for Edible and other useful plants.

Phenology & Plant Growth in Response to Seasons - Plant and animal growth & activity responses to seasonal climatic changes - phenology - discussion of & information on recording plant & animal cycles of life.

Philippine National Herbarium Digital Library - Digital library that allows you to search plant specimens by using various search criteria. It was developed for the Philippine National Herbarium.

PhytochemDB - Searchable resource of plant chemical data.

Pictures from Nordic Flora - A collection of illustrations from Bilder ur Nordens Flora written by C.A.M. Lindman, first edition 1901-1905. The work includes some 650 plants.

Plant Genome Databases - Includes information on many major plant genomes.

Plant Identification Services - or Plant Identification Services of North America is a web site aimed primarily at assisting its users in the identification of plants in North America.

Plant Tissue Culture Information Exchange - Intended to give researchers, teachers and producers rapid access to information about plant tissue culture.

Plants and Our Environment - Contains good basic information. Perfect for younger students studying plants.

Priority Regions Program - A Center for Plant Conservation program, focusing on five designated conservation priority areas: Hawaii, California, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Rain Manipulation Plot Study - Considerable evidence suggests that changes in the timing and amounts of growing season precipitation should cause long-term changes in grassland plant community composition.

Revision of Spathacanthus - Information on Spathacanthus by the California Academy of Sciences.

The Root Biology and Mycorrhiza Research Group - Current research project descriptions and links to sites of interest to botanists & mycorrhizasts.

Schoolhouse: Science: Botany Resources - A list of links related to various aspects of botany.

Vascular Plants Checklist - Search the checklist of the vascular plants of Texas.

Wildflowers of Western Kentucky - A full color photographic guide containing photos and descriptions of over 200 wildflowers species from Western Kentucky, central Kentucky and surrounding states.