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Business Search Engines

Yellow Pages At Yellow Pages they pride themselves on giving easy access to information.

AtlanticaThemed directory of links ATLANTICA MALL Science Business Real Estate Books Computing Travel Education Environment Advertising News Lifestyles Health Professional Services Personal Directory Subject Index Search Atlantica

Business Database The Business Database is the UK's largest and most comprehensive single source of location based business information.are an integral part of Yellow Pages and we provide data for direct marketing. From our database of 1.7 million records we can supply highly targeted lists for Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Market Analysis and Profiling.

Commsco is split into two areas for the search and retrieval of information about communications companies. The first area allows free text searches on any information held in the Commsco database about a communications company. The second area utilises a 'Yahoo' style interface where you can select specific categories of information and then drill down to more detailed sub-categories.

Company Names Search Company names search and resource centre

American Demographics/Marketing Tools An invaluable marketing and demographics resource, this site covers two Dow Jones magazines laden with consumer and business data, including Marketing Tools' directory of marketing-information companies.

Better Business Bureau BBB provides an invaluable consumer and business resource of press releases, scam alerts, advisories, tips, buying guides, and reliability reports.

Big Book Search for a business from Big Book's 11-million-strong catalog across the United States.

Edward Lowe Digital Library (ELDL) A vast business resource first. Business publishers, government agencies, universities, and nonprofits all contribute to this over 5,000-strong collection of documents to help you start and run your business.

UPS Package Tracking Find out online whether your package was delivered, when it was delivered, and who signed for it. Enter the tracking number and submit the query.

Bibliography of MSU Entrepreneurship Research Compiled by Michigan State University with funding from the Edward Lowe Foundation, this bibliography with 600-plus entries cites academic and popular periodicals dealing with entrepreneurship.

Electronic Yellow Pages (EYP)The UK's most comprehensive database for suppliers of products and services with links to over 1.6 million classified business listings To undertake a search on EYP you must enter a Location and either a Business Type and/or a Company Name.

Euro Index UK Business & Information Directory This is a new Directory, dedicated to promoting UK based companies and businesses (including international companies trading with the UK). You will also find reference sections with many other useful, interesting and entertaining pages.

European Business Directory Europages offers you a database of 150,000 companies carefully selected from 25 European countries. Make an open-text search or a search by activity sector, or alternatively search for the name of the company in which you are interested!

EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval at NYU Investors, take heed. EDGAR stores files submitted by publicly traded corporations to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). New York University and the SEC make the data available for you to search--so do it before you invest.

ESP - Email Search Program millions of email addresses, you're bound to find who you are looking for

Electronic Yellow Pages (EYP)The UK's most comprehensive database for suppliers of products and services with links to over 1.6 million classified business listings

Euro Index UK Business & Information DirectoryFledgling directory of local sites

European Business DirectoryContact information for 150,000 companies in 25 countries, searchable by company or sector

Excite Search Excite Search is now the biggest and most accurate search service on the net. Those are strong claims to make, but they're true. And we can prove it:

Exhibition Net Exhibition Net offers a complete listing of all the exhibitions to be held in major venues around the UK.

Film Finder Provides information on films showing in over 400 cinemas throughout the UK, with film summaries and links to world-wide film sites

Freepages One of Biggest UK Classified Business Directory with details on 1.5 million businesses in 2,500 categories orOne Free Call Finds Them All Access the Freepages service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Christmas Day. Simply dial the Freefone number 0800 192 192, or 333 from a Vodafone mobile, and you're through to our call centre. Our operator will ask which type of service you require. Whether you want a plumber, a pizza, a taxi or even a taxidermist, just let the operator use our system to find exactly what you want.

Freeway It's the fast FREE way to find the products and services you want anywhere in the UK, from suppliers who provide a service that saves you time, expense and trouble.

G.O.D. Searches G.O.D. was first launched into the murky waters of the world wide web on January 24th 1996 to aid Internet users find the sites that interest them, more accurately. We know that we're not the only ones doing it and that we haven't got the biggest database of sites, but we realised very early on that people like us want quality information and not just hundreds or thousands of irrelevant results.

Global Web Explorer A link to every country on the web with more.

Thomson's directories INbusiness SearchThomson's directories, To search over 2 million UK business listings, type in the company name, location or business type.