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Canada Breweries

Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale - An inofficial site.

Brasseurs du Nord - Microbrewery founded in 1987, produces ale-type beers: Boréale Rousse, Boréale Blonde, Boréale Cuivrée, Boréale Noire and Boréale Dorée.

BYOB Spring Water Brewery - On-premise wine & beer maker in Durham Region.

Labatt Blue - Labatt history, games, screensaver and a daily cartoon.

Labatt Breweries - Company info, brewery tour.

Molson - Company and brand history and news, region specific information and news and promotions.

Pacific Western Brewing, B.C. - Company history, product range, event listings and news.

Picaroons Brewing Company - Micro brewery located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Quality ales.

Wellington Brewery - Guelph, Ontario. Information on brews, history, contests, store hours, photo gallery.