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Colon Cancer Information Center

Leukemia Information Center

Lung Cancer Information Center

Amanda's page for Hodgkin's Disease - A resource for all sufferers of Hodgkin's Disease and any other Cancer. Providing links to Cancer Resources on the net, stories, tips from patients

ATSDR Cancer Policy Framework

Breast Cancer - are you aware? - British breast cancer awareness information, events, contacts and hotlines.

Breast Cancer Action in Ottawa, Canada

Breast Cancer Information

Burlington Breast Cancer Support Services

Community Breast Health Project

EduCare - educating patients and professionals about breast health and breast cancer.

NYU Women's Health Study

Schine On-Line Services - Findcure: How to find your best cancer treatment options, by Cancer survivor and author Gary Schine, who found his own cure.

Cancer Patient Resources on WWW

CancerGuide - CancerGuide shows you how to improve your odds by researching your options. Written by a cancer patient for cancer patients.

Don Ranelli Fund

EMF-Link - Substantive info on biological and health effects of EMFs from common sources such as power lines, electrical wiring, appliances, medical equipment.

Fifth International Congress on Hormones and Cancer

European University of Chinese Medicine (E.U.C.M.) - An open University and clinic devoted to the study of Chinese Medicine (Sinobiology(tm)), and focusing on the treatment and prevention of Cancer. Ongoing projects and education around the globe.

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

Imperial Cancer Research Fund FTP

International Agency for Research on Cancer

Italian Institute for Cancer Research

Jefferson Cancer Center - Information on available cancer clinical trials.

Mass General Hospital Neuro-oncology - A listing of brain tumor resources

Medical University of South Carolina - Department of Radiation Oncology

National Cancer Institute

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Sloan-Kettering Institute

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Home Page

University of Texas - M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

University of Washington - Gynecologic Oncology

Pediatric Leukemias

Lymphoma Resources - includes Hodgkin's Disease and the Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas. Information on bone marrow transplants is also included.

Leukemia Society of America - Maryland Chapter

Medicine OnLine - Health info service providing cancer related educational content, discussion groups, and links to other related info services.

Mole Hill - University of Florida Health System.

National Cancer Institute

International Myeloma Foundation - non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for multiple myeloma patients and ultimately to prevent and cure myeloma

International Union Against Cancer - Tobacco Control Smoking Control Cancer Control Fellowships Professional Education

National Childhood Cancer Foundation - A non-profit organization which supports treatment and research projects to cure children with cancer.

National Marrow Donor Program - NMDP - provides marrow transplants from volunteer unrelated donors to patients with leukemia, aplastic anemia and other potentially life-threatening diseases.

Special Love, Inc. - offers programs to help children with cancer experience normal things that healthy children experience every day; laughing, running, swimming, and friends.

Why Me Inc. - Why Me is a Central Massachusetts based organization that provides emotional and financial support to area children with cancer and their families.

Cancer Biotechnology WeeklyProstate Cancer

Prostate Cancer InfoLink - a one-stop resource for patients with prostate cancer, their families and friends, and for interested health care providers.

Sarcoma Central - Information for Cancer Patients

Introduction To Skin Cancer

Talarian Map - Hypermedia Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cancer Pain

TeleSCAN - is the first European WWW Service in Cancer and provides information and services for cancer research, treatment and education.

U.S. Senate Cancer Coalition Hearing - Public policy issues raised by recent advances in human genetics and cancer. 

Against The OddsThis is the story of how one family survived cancer in a child. The child also survived.

William Andrew McCrary Lawson - Will's bone marrow transplant

WWW Cancer Info WWW Cancer Info