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Royal Frazier's Absolutely Amazing Animation Tutorial

Max-Info WebC

Yahoo CGI Resources

Finger Gateway

Server Uptime

Access Counter

Matt Wright's Script Archive

COS Shopping Cart Script

EIT Software Archive

Eric Deinzer's Break Dancer Animation

Web Developer's Virtual Library (Lots of CGI links)

Intro to CGI Programming at the University of Utah

NCSA's The CGI Page

Christoffer "Toffe" Sundqvist's Web Developers Bookmarks

Jobs for CGI programmers

Excerpt Search Engine

N-Talk Chat Script

A CGI Programmer's ReferenceThese pages are intended to collect information useful to Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programmers.

ACGI C++ Class HierarchyC++ class heirarchy Supports dynamic page creation. Stream redirection. Debugging output and input validation/checking. Basic encryption and ASCII encoding. FORM item processing. Completely FREE, and clearly documented with tons of comments.

BIPED (BI-protocol Page Editor)A perl5 CGI script that allows you to edit any text file that you have read/write access to via ftp by using a HTML form. Also can display the the same page using http protocol

C++ CGI ClassA class to aid development of CGI scripts writting in C++. The class includes methods for html formatting as well as handling forms.

CGI Form Handling in Perl.Perl is an excellent language for a variety of tasks, especially those which require text management and data-parsing. Thus, it is well suited for writing code to manage the common gateway interface (CGI) forms which have become the mainstay of world wide web interactive communication via HTML

CGI Test Cases. This document references a test server which has implemented the CGI interface. It is provided to give a better understanding of how CGI works in reality. If you are interested, you should look at the source for the CGI script used in these examples.

CGI specificationThe Common Gateway Interface, or CGI, is an interface for running external programs, or gateways, under an information server. Currently, the supported information servers are HTTP servers.

CGI-perl mailing list archives by dateThe Perl5 manual pages are available in HTML format. - a Perl5 CGI LibraryThis perl 5 library uses objects to create Web fill-out forms on the fly and to parse their contents. It is similar to in some respects. It provides a simple interface for parsing and interpreting query strings passed to CGI scripts.

CGI/1.1 script support of the CERN Server.Server scripts are used to handle searches, clickable images and forms, and to produce synthesized documents on the fly. See calendar and finger gateway for examples.

CGIHTML -- C library for CGIDescribes a set of C routines for easily writing CGI programs. Includes documentation, a brief tutorial, and sample programs.

CGILIB 2.0. CGI library. The code compiles in Windows NT and Posix systems.

CGIWrap - More secure user access to CGI scriptsCGIwrap allows system administrators to let users create their own cgi scripts. CGIwrap performs various security checks on the scripts before changing id to match the owner of the script.

Clickables - Plug-&-Play CGI Scripts.Clickables are Plug-&-Play CGI programs that are easily customizable and easily installed...adding power behind the web page.

Command line optionsThe command line is only used in the case of an ISINDEX query. It is not used in the case of an HTML form or any as yet undefined query type. The server should search the query information for a non-encoded = character to determine if the command line is to be used, if it finds one, the command line is not to be used. This trusts the clients to encode the = sign in ISINDEX queries, a practice which was considered safe at the time of the design of this specification.

Creative KomputerCreative Komputer is a Consulting company baised in Miramar, Florida.

Custom Innovative SolutionsI a source code library, and also several papers describing how to implement some applications.

Delta Design Services. Full service web design firm handling all forms of HTML and CGI programming from shopping cart systems to large database projects.

EIT's CGI LibraryThese functions help you write virtual document (CGI) programs using C. Look at the template.c file for an illustrative example. Feel free to download the latest distributions from

Group Cortex CGI CenterThis contains plenty of references to information about the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Specification. CGI is one of the two most important aspects of the World Wide Web.

WHREF Tools Corp, WEBHUB DELPHI CGI ComponentsIncredible Delphi based CGi-WIN database publishing application development framework. WEBHUB applications scale over multiple instances and allow REUSE of CHUNKS of HTML as well as macros and database ACTIONS. Forms Variable are memorized and pages are generated on the fly. check it out! it's serving thousands of pages every day.

How do I get the data?Welcome back, I assume that you are tired of creating forms that just echo there input, per the previous lesson. In this lesson we are going to write a simple madlib program. This will allow us to explore how to retrieve the data the clients send us from our forms. To do more than just read this, you will need write access to a cgi-bin directory. For this and further examples I will be using the PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language.

InfoBON's Complete HTML/CGI Guide W/C++ Source Code.Tired of "Beginners Guides" to HTML/CGI? InfoBON provides information ranging from creating that first fledgling HTML page all the way through to the most advanced CGI. If you don't find the answer your looking for, it's only an E-Mail away. We also provide complete site development services.

Introduction to the Common Gateway InterfaceThe Common Gateway Interface, or CGI, is an interface for running external programs, or gateways, under an information server.

John Donohue's Perl CGI ExamplesSome examples of CGI programming written in Perl: , Image Map without using "imagemap.c", Juggling" Variables (maintaing state info) between pages. , Generate a random number., Search for names in a phone book. , A simple self-scoring questionare.

Matt's Script ArchiveThis site consists of many FREE CGI scripts for the taking. They can help you to leanr how to build your own CGI programs, or use them as is and install them on your system. Examples of the scripts include: Guestbook, Free For All Link Page, Bulletin Board Message System, Form to E-Mail Gateway, Random Image Displayer, Random Link Generator, Countdown and MANY more!

Microsoft Windows Servers Page And Setting Up a ServerThis page has tons of information on MS-Windows, NT, and Windows 95 servers. It also has links to pages that I have written about setting up a site, and HTML authoring.

Multi Server Web Charter Have you ever had the problem to produce a List of the Popular Webpages across several webserver ... Well here is a Perl-Script that does this for you. On top of that the output produced does look very nice

NCSA httpd script headers When your script finishes execution, it must output two things. The first is a short header to tell the server some information about the contents. After the header is the document your script has generated.

NR GatewaysThis gives pointers to gateways and Plexus utilities developed at Norsk Regnesentral.

Netscape Environment Variables.

PHP/FIPowerful HTML embedded scripting language with support for mSQL, DBM, File Uploading, on-the-fly GIF creation, and much more.

PolyFormForm and Email support for Windows CGI servers. PolyForm is a configurable CGI program for creating, managing and handling the execution of HTML Forms. A central way to organize and edit related files all from one graphic interface.

SCAT - Sessioneer CGI Authorization Toolkit Implements server-side HTTP cookies and includes a fairly extensive library for creating CGIs (written in C). Available free (with source) for non-commercial use. Includes functions for posting news, sending SMTP mail, sending Microsoft Mail (MAPI), etc.

Scintilla's WWW acess counterA CGI WWW access counter written in C++ for CERN, Apache, Spinner and many other HTTPD's. Features automatic reset and graphical statistics.

Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Library Public Domain CGI scripts written by Selena Sol (shopping carts, feedback forms, groupware calendar, counters, clocks, animation, bulletin boards, and miscellaneous applications

Setting up CGI in NCSA httpd CGI scripts are a way for documents to be generated on the fly.

SynchroniciTech: Delphi Components Who needs Delphi CGI components? People who want to write CGI programs under Windows (instead of Unix or Macintosh) and who want to use Borland's Delphi (instead of C or Basic).

TalkBackThe original 'Page the Sysop' utility for Windows CGI servers. TalkBack allows the server console operator to respond in real time to form based queries.

TeleCGITeleCGI is a rsh based CGI bridge which allows CGI programs to be executed on a system which does not have a web server installed.

The CGI Collection Created because of difficulties finding CGI programs and information in one place. New scripts, program information, examples, and features list.

The Common Gateway Interface Specification This is the specification for CGI version 1.0, or CGI/1.0. Further revisions of this protocol are guaranteed to be backward compatible. The server and the CGI script communicate in four major ways. Each of the following is a hotlink to graphic detail. Environment variables The command line Standard input Standard output .

Using CGI at UMR CGI services on the UMR web server are made possible by a software package called cgiwrap. This package allows individual users to create their own CGI scripts that can be run through the UMR web server. CGI scripts are used to handle output from World Wide Web forms, but can also be used for pretty much any task that you want to be able to initiate from a WWW client, such as Mosaic, NetScape, or Lynx.

Vend Documentation Vend allows customers to select items to buy from catalog pages. The program tracks which products they have selected and the quantity desired. From the ordering page they may complete the ordering process by entering their name and address, or return to browsing and select more items. Vend 0.1 does not support secure transmission of credit card numbers. Vendors should contact customers separately for payment.

Web Construction Mini library of tools and information for constructing Web pages. It was produced as I put together the Australian Society of Indexers Web site.