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Child Health Immunizations

AAP - What Parents Need to Know About Vaccination - The American Academy of Pediatrics answers parents' questions.

Allied Vaccine Group - A group of websites dedicated to providing reliable information on vaccines and vaccination and unbiased vaccine and vaccination news.

Assisting You To Investigate Vaccination - Vaccination is potentially a life-changing event. This site will help you investigate the issue before you decide whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate."

Chicken Pox Vaccine- What Parents Should Consider - The piece highlights 18 issues that parents should consider before accepting the chicken pox vaccine for their children.

Children's Health: Vaccines - Educational articles for parents.

Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety - Facts and information about vaccines.

Dispelling Vaccination Myths - Vaccinations may not be as safe or effective as you thought... However, do watch out for misleading statistics.

Ear Infection Vaccine in the Works - The company that brought you the recently halted rotavirus vacine is hard at work bringing to market a new vaccine to combat ear infections. Should we question this one too?

Free Immunizations - St. Joseph offers free immunizations for infants and children year-round.

HII Health Information Canada Inc. - HII has developed a foundation for e-health and this has enabled them to build an operational child immunization registry called CHILD Web. To support this registry, they also provide immunization clearing house services.

How to Be Wise When You Immunize - The article provides parents with information that they should consider and discuss with their child's pediatrician when vaccinating so as to minimize the safety risks.

How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds - Guide to refusing vaccinations. How to maintian this position with doctors, military and schools.

How to Write a Vaccination Religious Exemption Letter in the USA. - Example of a letter that has the necessary wording for a religious exemption from immunizations in North Carolina.

The Immunization Gateway - Your Vaccine Fact-Finder

Immunizations: Common Misconceptions - Seven common misconceptions can lead parents to question the wisdom of immunizing their children.

Informed Parents Vaccination Home Page - Resource guide to informed decision making concerning immunizations. This site lists organizations, publishers, and other resources--and how to contact them for vaccine research and analysis of the immunization controversy. Links to other sources of vaccination information.

Medinfo: Polio Vaccination - Information for patients on the Polio vaccination. Includes general information, possible side effects, advice and links. FAQ on Childhood Vaccinations

MMR Vaccination - Information for patients on MMR vaccination, a three part vaccine, given by injection, which is to protect against, measles, mumps and German measles. Includes information, reasons for having the inoculation, possible side effects, and a discussion of other conditions where a link with MMR vaccine has been suggested.

National Vaccine Information Center - Vaccines, immunizations or innoculations are recommended for every child born in the United States. A vaccination shouldn't hurt a child but sometimes they do. Before your child takes the risk, find out what it is.

Natural Immunity Information Network - A network of concerned parents dedicated to the helping other parents make informed choices for the health and well-being of their children and themselves. Vaccinations and their dangers. AZT = Death.

Parentsplace - Experts: Pediatrician: Vaccines - Information and recommendations on childhood vaccination.

Safety of Rotavirus Vaccine Questioned - Artcile addresses the recent decision to halt shipments of the new rotavirus vaccine due to safety concerns.

Thimerosal- Dangerous Preservative in Your Vaccines - The AAP has recently acknowledged that, due to combination vaccines, thimerosal, a murcury based preservative added to many vaccines, can be harmful to infants.

To Immunize or Not to Immunize - More and more parents are beginning to question the safety of vaccines. This piece provides readers with issues to consider when detemining whether to immunize their children.

Vaccinations - Message board for parents interested in discussing the issues involved with child vaccinations.

Vaccine Facts - Provides parents with a listing of basic vaccine facts, with discussion of safety concerns.

Vaccines: The Truth Revealed - Vaccine resourse.

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