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Children's Software

Baby Bits Captures the memories - - even the sounds - - of your children's first years. Your baby's first kick . . . first tooth . . . first day in preschool. These are moments no parent ever wants to forget. But time has a way of erasing the details. And that's why we created Baby Bits. Baby Bits is the same basic idea as an old-fashioned baby book, updated for the Information Age. You can keep records on up to 12 children and print a beautiful, customized baby book for each one. You can print as many copies as you like to give to grandparents and other relatives. And, you don't even have to have good handwriting!

Educational Shareware AERES educational shareware collection. There are hundreds of great programs here that have been selected by teachers and parents around Australia. We are constantly updating and adding to it. Getting Started. If you're new to shareware and downloading files then start here.You'll find it full of help hints and tips that should get you going. If you still have some problems leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The Macintosh Education Collection. You'll need Compact Pro to unpack these files. The MSDOS Education Collection. You'll need PKUNZIP to unpack these files.

Educational Software Institute ESI Online is the world's largest and finest collection of K-12 educational software - more than 8,000 titles from over 350 publishers. If you're a parent, educator or student, you can use this easy-to-search online catalog to find just the right programs for your needs.

The Edutainment Page dedicated to reviews and discussion of education and home software. Interested in the best software including CD-ROM encyclopedias to help students? .

SchoolPC Australia SchoolPC Australia is an evolving concept, born of the realisation that there was, depite the plethora of technology magazines in the Australian marketplace, a dearth of information about computers in schools, and as part of the education process.

FLIX Productions This site contains a collection of downloadable animated educational software.Flix Productions specializes in educational software for children (PC platform). Winner of the Shareware Industry Award, Ziff-Davis Shareware Award, Educational Software Cooperative People's Choice Award, and Shareware Magazine Editor's Choice Award.

Geometry Center Part of the mission of the Geometry Center is to develop software tools to support the computation and visualization of mathematics. A considerable portion of the Center's efforts have gone to designing such tools, and to making them available to the mathematical and scientific communities, and to the world at large.

Jumbo Shareware the largest collection of software and downloadable files on the Web!, Free Game Downloads, Online Gaming, Special Quake section Home & School Channel Home, Hobbies, Education & Science Downloads, Homework Heaven, The channel that makes homework easy -- the ultimate research resource for all school reports, projects, and term papers. Kindergarten through Grad. School Kids Channel Fun things to do, play games online, chat with kids, download stuff, jokes & riddles..etc.

K-12 Teacher's Site A very good source for educational shareware which is also categorized by subject.

Kreator 3D Home Kreator 3D is a revolutionary virtual construction toy for kids (7+) and kids at heart. Kreator 3D will allow you to build intricate models and morph and animate them. If you can dream it, you can build it! Kreator 3D combines great power with ease of use to provide hours of fun and a unique creative experience. Check out this full description of Kreator 3D.

NewView, Inc An Internet content filtering program that allows parents and educators to screen objectionable material PlanetView Direct: And Explore our giant library of PlanetView Sites, organized by subject. Use it like a catalog.

Live and Learn Software Page At LIVE AND LEARN we believe that using computer software is a great way to enhance a child's learning experience, but it is not the "end all" solution. Computers are tools, nothing more! Children still need a parent's time and attention. Children also need caring, enthusiastic teachers at school. And above all, they need to be in an environment that encourages a quest for knowledge.

At LIVE AND LEARN we test each each program before we place it on our site. We do this for a number of reasons. We want to make sure the programs we offer are of the highest quality; that they are easy to use; that they do not have any bugs; and most importantly, they have educational value.

PC Downloads 4 Kids A good source of downloadable educational shareware which is divided by age-groups and types. Different programs appeal to different children, and at different times. Sometimes we've had a program that was a 'dud' become very popular 6 months later. And the age categories are just general guidelines, too, because each child is unique - often my 3 year old and 6 year old run the same programs, each in their own way... the great thing is that you can download this software and take a good look at it, and let your child try it - before buying.

PEP Parents Educators, and Publishers The PEP site is an informational resource for Parents, Educators, and children's software Publishers. The content of this site has been developed in response to the interests and needs of these three audiences. Let's all work together to empower children with technology!

Star The Shareware Trade Association and Resources' WWW Site is the best place to download the very latest program versions; uploaded by some of over 100 North American and European member authors - including some of Shareware's leading luminaries.

ZD Net Home & Education Download area for educational and reference shareware. Fine files for the home PC For the family that downloads together: Family PC's Shareware Awards winners are crammed with great programs for learning and working and just plain fun. EDUCATION & REFERENCE Preschool Grade School High School/College Adult Education EBooks Reference Teaching Tools etc.

Children's Software Revue - 3300+ reviews of the latest children's educational software, articles, tester comments, catalogs and more.

Choosing Children's Software - Reviews sorted by grade level. Articles, websites reviews, columns from their quarterly magazine.

Educational Resources for Electronics - Discussion of the role of CAI and CBT in teaching electricity and electronics. Also provides links to sites providing free and trial software for teaching electricity.

Flashcard Trainers Reviewed - Flashcards are used in language learning and other fields where memorization is relevant. This review starts listing the features of good flashcard training software, and goes over to commenting 50 such applications.

LearningWare Reviews - Membership based site offers reviews of all the latest educational and entertainment titles. For parents and educators.

Scholastic Technology Guide - Scholastic's technology buyer's guide for educators.

SuperKids Educational Software Review - Provides impartial reviews of children's software by parents, teachers, and kids.