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Cleaning and Stains


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Bird Dropping Stain Removal - Question posted on a message board about removing the stain from paint; one answer posted.

Carpet Stain Index - Stain Removal Guide for 60 or more common carpet stains.

Cleaning 101 - Tips on cleaning the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, and spring cleaning. Includes recipes for homemade cleaners.

Cleaning Ancient Coins and Metals - Detailed and sometimes technical instructions on cleaning old coins and metal artifacts.

Cleaning Solutions - Pioneer Thinking - Simple safe tips on how to clean everything in the home. Links to a companion site on homemade cleaning products.

Cleaning Tips - Cleaning tips for closets, kids' bedrooms, bathrooms, tile, kitchen, floors, carpets, cleaning up after pets; from ServiceMaster.

Cleaning Tips for My Little Ponies - How to clean the toy, My Little Pony.

Cleaning Your Beanies - Cleaning beanie babies; from Cajun Connection Beanies.

Cleaning Your Dutch Oven - Instructions on cleaning different kinds of Dutch ovens; from a general site on Dutch ovens that includes recipes and cooking tips.

Crayola Stain Removal Tips - Covers stain removal of some of the following kinds of products: crayons, markers, poster paints, finger paints, silly putty, play doughs, some clays, glues, chalk.

Creosote Stain Removal from a Chimney - Question posted on a message board, with answers contributed by other readers.

Denture Cleaning Tips - Cleaning all kinds of dentures, written by a dental hygienist.

A Different Kind of House Cleaning - House cleaning from the perspective of eliminating negative energy along with the physical dirt; from Wellspring Media magazine.

Dilmaghani's Interactive Stain Removal Chart - Searches a database for a specified stain type.

DuPont Stainmaster Carpet - Routine cleaning and stain removal for this brand of treated carpet.

Hang Up on Germs - How to disinfect your phone; from Wellspring Media magazine.

Home Maintenance and Repair - Michigan State University's comprehensive site on home maintenance. Find cleaning advice under "C" and stain removal instructions under "S".

How I Clean my Old Bottles - Advice for bottle collectors.

How To Clean It - Tips on how to clean just about anything, also sales of cleaning products.

Ink Stain Removal - BIC pens presents a page of instructions on how to get ink and "wite-out" stains out of fabrics.

Iron Stain Removal From Concrete - A question posted on a message board, with several answers from people who had the same problem.

Jenny's Hints - Cleaning and organizing home and garden.

Label Talk for Consumers - Includes guides to common care symbols, common home laundering and drycleaning symbols, and stain removal answers to common care questions; from Textile Industry Affairs.

Liesel's Practical Poufbunny Area - Stain Removal - Tips on removing stains from petticoats and crinolines.

Maintaining Your Oriental Rugs - A page of recommended homemade stain removal actions; part of which sells and services Oriental rugs.

Messy Gourmet Archive - Stains - An archive of stain removal tips for food and cooking related stains.

Milliken Table Linen : Stain Removal Guide - Definitions, general rules for removing stains from table linens, basic supplies needed, custom stain removal, and links to other sites.

Mineral Cleaning - How to clean mineral specimens, written for rock collectors.

Mr. Clean's Home on the Web - Sales site for Mr. Clean products, but also has good cleaning and stain removal tips pages.

Mrs. Spencer's Housekeepers Household Cleaning Tips - General cleaning, kitchen, and bathroom cleaning tips on a site that is also selling the services of professional housecleaners.

Piano Care - Brief couple of suggestions in cleaning piano keys and cases from a professional piano care and repair business.

Pressed4Time Franchise - Care Symbols - ASTM dry cleaning care symbol system is listed, along with the descriptions for types of cleaning; sponsored by a commercial dry cleaner.

Pro Flooring Center Care and Cleaning Expert Tips - Carpet care, vinyl care, ceramic tile care, and hardwood care tips.

Problems with Utensils & Appliances - Stain removal and repair tips for common kitchen utensils, from aluminum to "woodenware"; produced by the Internet Chef.

Rain gutters - Cleaning and maintenance tips for rain gutters.

Rainbow International Carpet Care and Restoration Specialist - Spot and stain removal guide for carpets with general advice and specific advice for certain kinds of carpet stains.

The Soap And Detergent Association - Information on use and composition of soaps and detergents, including cleaning products overview, laundry products, dishwashing, and environmental topics.

Spot and Stain Removal for Washable Fabrics - From Kansas State University, Research and Extension.

Stain Buster - From Goodhousekeeping, advice on stain removal from clothing, carpets, and upholstery.

Stain Removal FAQs - For fabrics, holiday stain removal, stain removal tips, removing "ring around the collar" soil, and a link to a more comprehensive "Quick and Easy Stain Removal" publication available in PDF; from Iowa State University Extension.

Stain Removal Guide - Solutions to common fabric stain problems using readily available, normal household cleaning items.

Tele-Tips Stain Removal Directory - Small selection of stain removal advice for clothing and upholstery such as ballpoint ink, candle wax, chewing gum, coffee and tea, cosmetics, rust, odors, food; from The College of Agriculture, Home Economics and Allied Programs, Fort Valley State University.

Textiles, Clothing, and Design Care - Articles on some cleaning and stain removal of fabrics, including some problems not covered in other sites, such as removing skunk odors, smoke odors, flood damage, mildew; published by Nebraska Cooperative Extension at the University of Nebraska.

Tide Stain Detective - Advice on stain removal built around Tide brand products, but still gives valuable tips.

Top 21 Holiday, Party, and Everyday Stains - FabricLink's Stain Removal Guide for removing stains on washable fabrics and apparel, with laundry tips and more.

What's the Best Way to Clean My Coins? - Advice for coin collectors, part of a larger FAQ site on coin collecting.

Why Does Hairspray Remove Ink Stains? - Question and answer from the Ask a Scientist Chemistry Archive, Dept. of Energy, U.S.A.

Your Kitchen, Germ Warfare - Article about cleaning the kitchen, from Wellspring Media magazine.

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