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Cocktail Time    - Site that goes back in time. Concentrates to show different bar-accessories and advertises from past decades. Highly entertaining and refreshingly different. Guide to Margaritas - Selection of margarita recipes collected from the sites on the Web.

Absolute Authority on Bartending - Links to cocktail and bartending related directory, education and product sites with ratings. Also community pages.

Acats Internet Bar Pages - Site with a wealth of information ranging from bartender's guide to Q&A and job-search sections, not forgetting the humorous side with collection of chat-up lines and stories from a bartender. Some sections in Swedish.

Andy's Guide on How to Make Mixed Drinks - Small selection of cocktails divided into three categories.

Appleton Estate - Producer of Rums - Virtual tour of the estate. On-line competitions, information about rum and rum-based cocktail recipes, possibility to submit own recipes.

Baileys Irish Cream - Bailey's based drink recipes and desktop themes. Has a chat area and a selection of games.

BarBug - Wide amount of cocktail recipes listed by name and a possibility to search recipes with desired ingredients. Some of internationally recognized cocktails are misrepresented.

BarDrinks - Vast amount of cocktail recipes, jokes and games. Some useful information about responsible drinking and possibility to send an e-postcard.

Barkeeper - Comprehensive guide for setting up a home bar, information about glasware and glossary of common terms. Somewhat limited recipe and games section though but compensated with a good discussion board. Also a virtual bookstore complementing to the site. - This site has cocktail recipes, drinking games, and a forum for discussion about drinking related topics. Possibility to submit your favorite cocktail or game for listing.

Bar-None Drink Recipes Collection - Recipes for alcoholic, punch and non-alcoholic drinks in a database. You'll also find a large list of drinking games, helpful user forums, and mixing tips.

Bartender Magazine - Net magazine aimed to bartenders. Includes recipes, monthly news, bulletin boards, classified adds and a chat forum.

Bartenders Mixed Drinks Cocktail Recipes - Short, straightforward list of cocktail recipes. Comprehensive database of wines. Some sections of the site are in Spanish.

Bartending Information and Cocktail Recipes - Selection of interesting and variable recipes, and a section of hints and tips. Possibility to request a specific recipe that will be delivered by e-mail. Plenty of other content. Some sections of the site in German.

Classic Cocktails - Good selection of recipes all accompanied with a short story. From the recipes can be found links to the pages containing more information about beverages it is made of.

Cocktail Crazy - Cocktail recipes by main ingredient and a chat room.

Cocktail Recipe Finder - Hundreds of mixed drink recipes. Search by beverage keyword, preparation style, alcoholic or mixer ingredients. From Homearts.

Cocktail Times - Drink and cooking recipes, advice for setting up a bar and making cocktails. - Site devoted to all things alcoholic. Not only recipes but also questions and answers, quizes and stories. Whole site has a 'tongue in cheek' feeling, yet very informative.

CocktailRing - Martinis, margaritas, daquiris, or any mixed drink you can imagine is listed in our database of cocktail recipes. Message board for visitors to leave drink recipes.

Cocktails - Net links, weekly features, cocktail recipes, chat, bulletin board, cocktail postcards, free screensavers and a newsletter - all cocktail related.

Cocktails & Bartending - All you need to know about alcohol, mixology, libations & spirits. Links for people on both sides of the bar.

Cocktails and Dreams - Selection of cocktail recipes by category, including a selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Basic advice for mixing and bar with some useful tips. Extensive list of bar-games. Available also in Italian.

Cocktails and Mixed Drinks - Small selection of mixed drinks. The rest of the site is in Finnish.

Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day - Irish coffee, Irish tea, Nutty Irishman, Irish gun runner, half and half shot.

Cocktails From - Cocktail recipes in alphabetical and themed order.

Cocktails Galore - Comprehensive list of cocktail recipes in alphabetical order. Basic information about beverages and brief instructions about equipment and working methods. Possibility to download the site for off-line browsing (zip-format).

Dailys Cocktail Mix - Instructions for planning and hosting a party, including drinks, food, presentation tips, party themes, decorations, music and recipes.

Daryl's Cocktail Page - Site has interesting selection of recipes listed according to main ingredient. Includes a glossary of terms and definitions.

Drink101 - Instructions for setting up a bar, descriptions of glassware and work methods. Dictionary of liquors and liqueurs. An extensive list of cocktail recipes organized in several different ways. A section of food recipes, games, virtual post cards, voting booths and a messageboard.

Drink Expert .Com - Searchable database of cocktail recipes according to user defined incredients, polls and a possibility to submit cocktail recipes. Requires registration.

Drink of the Week - Weekly cocktail recipe, selection of recipes in alphabetical order and possibility to sign up for a weekly recipe via e-mail.

Drinkable - An e-zine and a site with cocktail recipes, stories, hints and tips. Includes a message board and a shopping centre.

DrinkBoy - Well organized site about bartending and cocktails. Contains information about different beverages, bar tools and articles of cocktail related issues. Includes list of cocktail books and possibility to order them on-line.

El Bueno's - the Bar - List of cocktail recipes in alphabetical order and possibility to send own recipe for listing. Also a list of pick-up lines and drinking games. The site has also non-cocktail related content.

Hotwired Cocktail - Explains with words and pictures the origins of many of today's cocktails. Site has a virtual bartender and a discussion forum. The Alchemist will answer your cocktail related questions.

iDRINK: The Drink Mixing Web Site - Search for drink recipes by ingredient or name and a section for related books.

International Bartenders' Association I.B.A. - Parent organization for Bartenders' Guilds around the world. Includes the official (not full) I.B.A. cocktail list and news about cocktail competitions around the world.

King Cocktail - Plenty of useful advice on bartending, selection of cocktail recipes, and on-line shop for bar equipment.

Martinis Online - Large and very comprehensive collection of Martini recipes and Martini-based recipe search options.

Mixed-Drink.Com - Wide selection of recipes organized by the main ingredient. Also a site specific search engine.

Mixology-Barware - Selection of barware and wine accessories. Including a selection of books and bar furniture. Even if you're not planning to buy, good site to find out what kind of equipment is used in bars and how they look like. Possibility to order on-line. - Lifestyle magazine devoted to Martini cocktail and focusing on the art and science of living.

PubDrinks - Over two thousand cocktail recipes in searchable drink database and possibility to e-mail a drink recipe to a friend.

Red Gal Drink Mixes - Recipes arranged according the type, a glossary of terms and a table of measures.

Saufhaus - Small selection of recipes categorized by main ingredient.

Schweppes - Holiday toasting alternative to champagne for special occasions. Creative cocktails.

Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai - Site devoted to Mai Tai-cocktail. Reviews, recipes and stories about the drink.

Shaken or Stirred - Plenty of information about cocktail making, equipment and beverages. Coctail recipes listed in alphabetical order and by type. Possibility to submit own recipes.

Top Friends Cocktail Club - Site put together by group of cocktail lovers. Includes necessary information how to set a bar and mix drinks. Some interesting recipes and a list of 100 classics.

The United States Bartenders Guild - Serves the professional bartender and is the sole representative of the IBA in the United States. Site contains infirmation about I.B.A. events, history of guild and on-line version of 'Bartender'-magazine.

The Webtender - Database of drink recipes, searchable in various ways. The site also has forums, books and information for bartenders.