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Coffee Kid    - Amateur coffee fanaticism. FAQs, reviews, information about vacuum brewing, espresso and hard to find information.

Stairway to Coffee    - Everything there is to know about coffee.

Absolute Authority on Coffee - An excellent collection of content, community, and tools available on the subject of coffee.

Alex's Espresso Coffee Bar Business - Information about how to open and operate a coffee bar, -cart, -kiosk or drive-thru coffee.

All Dressed in Black - A history of black clothing and coffee

Andrew Birkett's Coffee - Informational site about coffee and caffeine with links to newsgroups.

Best Investments Coffee Newsletter - Info on coffee futures

Buzz Club - The Phoenix Area's listing includes coffeehouses

Cafe Magazine - A magazine dedicated to cafe culture and history.

Cafe Scene - For people who love coffee, with reviews and articles on cafes and coffee.

Caffeinated Magazine - Cafe of the Month column, coffeehouse reviews from all across the US, and articles devoted to aspects of caffeine culture.

Caffeine FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about caffeine.

Caffeined - Coffee resources. A few definitions and some links.

Can Coffee Drinkers Save the Rain Forest? - Article from the Atlantic monthly about sustainable coffee

Coffee - Several articles about coffee preparation, machines, etc.

Coffee - Resources for coffee lovers, including recipes, bookstore, shopping, and links. Home roasting and entrepreneur books and links.

Coffee - Non-comercial page with plenty of information about coffee.

Coffee & Cuisine Magazine On-line - Advice and information about roasters, chefs and getting started.

Coffee Brewing - How to brew and information about beans.

Coffee Buy/Sell/Trade Forum - a forum for the buying/selling and trading of coffee related hardware.

Coffee Cafe at The ShoppingPlace - Directory for online coffee shops and an information resource.

The Coffee Club - List of links to coffee related sites.

Coffee Companion - personal site

Coffee Cure - Coffee might just be good for you.

Coffee Experts - Volunteer effort to inform people about coffee in all form and how to prepare.

Coffee FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about coffee.

Coffee From Paradise - Hawaiian coffee producer.

Coffee Guide - Search engine for the coffee and related products.

Coffee Kids - International non-profit organization established to improve the quality of life for children and families who live in coffee-growing communities around the world.

Coffee Notes - Monthly newsletter for issues related to high-quality organic coffee.

- Information about coffee.

Coffee Pages at Send Coffee - Coffee resources, gifts and electronic postcards.

Coffee Research - The definitive source for detailed information about coffee, espresso, coffee agriculture, and coffee science.

The Coffee Review - Coffee reviews done by Kenneth Davids and others.

Coffee Science Information Centre - Answers to questions about the effects of coffee on health.

Coffee Science Source - Presents information on coffee, caffeine and health, reviewed by medical experts, from science journals and industry reports for journalists, health care professionals and coffee consumers

Coffee Universe - Explore the hottest coffee website in the galaxy. Education about coffee as a product, the espresso business. Linking the entire coffee and espresso industry from coffee beans to espresso machines.

Coffee vs Tea - Essay on what turned one youth from tea to coffee.

Coffee World - Wealth of information about coffee. - Interactive guide for making coffee.

CoffeeTV - Coffee and travel related information. Requires Flash 3.0 plug-in. - Coffee Search Engine and Directory

Colombian Coffee - Coffee facts and links about Colombian coffee.

Cyber Café Guide - Cyber Café Guide

The Devil's cup - A Traveler's account of how a plant from Africa changed the course of history.

Did You Know? -Coffee and Caffeine - Facts about coffee and caffeine.

Diedrich Coffee Roasters - Producer of coffee roasters.

Double Shot BuzZ
- Articles about Seattleite's search for coffee.

Epicure Exchange - Online coffee magazine.

Equal Exchange - Worker-owned cooperative dedicated to fair trade with small-scale coffee farmers in the developing world.

Gloria Jean's Coffees - Australian coffee franchise.

Gonzo's Coffee Corner - Information on roasting, blending, grinding, and brewing.

Hario USA - Makers of coffee syphon/vacuume pot, coffee mills and other heat resistant glass products.

Hawaii Coffee Association - Representative of members of the Hawaii coffee industry.

HealthCentral -Caffeine - Information about your health and caffeine's effects.

History and Origins - Short history of coffee.

Independent Bean Review - Independent reviews of coffee houses and roasters.

INeedCoffee - News - Coffee news from numerous online sources. great page.

JavaLink - Cafe and coffee links resource pages.

Jaye's Mobile Latte - A Personal coffee site with tips, recipes and humour.

Jaye's Mobile Latte - Coffee recipes.

JungleShop Coffee & Tea Shops - Coffee and tea related links and search-engine.

Koffee Korner - Plenty of coffee related information.

La Cittadella Italian Coffee - Introduction and the history of the company. Plenty of useful information about the history and production of coffee and the preparation of the drink.

La Torcaza Estate - Info on coffee from planting to brewing

Lucidcafé Interactive Café and Information Resource - Interactive café and information resource.

National Geography Society - Coffee - The history of coffee, descriptions of different varieties, map of coffee-producing countries and a discussion forum.

New Scientist Planet Science: Pure brew - Article about the world's first caffeine-free coffee plants which have been planted in a greenhouse in Hawaii.

Raising the Bean - Site about growing coffee trees as house plants.

SCAA - Specialty Coffee Association of America

Shade Coffee Campaign - Information about shade grown coffee. - Directory of coffee houses, shops and cybercafes. Recipes, chat rooms, games and online discussion forums.

So You Think You Are Drinking Decaf? - Findings of a TV station that tested various "decaf" coffees.

Songbird Foundation - Organization dedicated to the preservation of shade grown coffee as a natural habitat for songbirds in Central America.

Strange Brew - History of the Luwak coffee.

Tent's Coffee Page - Brief descritption of coffee and beans.

TSR Recipes - Starbuck's Frappuccino's recipe.

Turkish food from Turkish Taste - Sales Turkish food and Mediterranean gourmets including Turkish coffee and tea,Turkish delight and pistachio nuts.

vacpots - A sight dedicated to vacuum pots in their many forms.

Wired Java Fanatic - Information about coffee and related subjects.