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ABC - Computer Club (Sweden)

AlgoNet (Sweden)

Apple Computer

AT&T Bell Laboratories

AT&T, GIS Corporate


BroadVision Inc.

Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery CNIDR

COMDEX Photographic Tour

Communications & Telecommunications WWW

Compaq Computer Corporation

Compustat (South Africa)

Computer and System Sciences, Sweden

Computing WWW

Connector GmbH, Germany

Cray Research

CyberCash, Inc

DACOM, Korea

Data Exchange Corporation

Dell Computer

Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc

Digital Equipment, Sweden

Diskovery Educational Systems' Electronic Pricing Guide

European Computer-Industry Research Center

Fairfax Electronic Commerce Resource Center

Federal Information Exchange

General Electric

Gulf Coast Florida Internet Company

GTE Laboratories

Harris Computer Systems Corporation

Harris Electronics, Melmac


Honeywell Inc.

International Business Machines

IBM, Personal Computers

IBM, Zurich Research Laboratory

Internet Disc Shoppe


Iona Technologies

Integrated Systems Inc.


JSB Software

Lingsoft, Finland

Malin Space Science Systems


Maui High Performance Computing Center

Metro Link

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

Multimedia Consumer Services, Iceland

National Coordination Office for HPCC

National Media Lab Storage Technology Network

National Supercomputer Center, Sweden

NetRep Explorist, Internet Services for Business

Netsurfer Communications

NeXT Computer, Inc

New South Network Services

Novell Inc.

Pacific Bell

Performance Systems International PSI

Rockwell World Headquarters

Russia House

Santa Cruz Operation

SAS Institute Inc.

Science Horizons, Inc

SCO Software

Silicon Graphics' SILICON SURF

Software Technology Parks of India


Sun Microsystems

Symantec Corporation

Bluestone's HTML Comprehensive with CGI courseA comprehensive HTML class available entirely on-line. The first in a series of web-based courses. Free sample HTML lessons available at site.

Tandem Computers

UltraNet Communications, Inc.

Utopia Inc

Virtual Reality Sites

VNP Software

21st Century Eloquence Voice Recognition Technology for disabled persons who have difficulty with typing.We sell IBM, Kolvox and Kurzweil voice recognition technology

Wall Data, Inc

Warp, not IBM's



X Inside Incorporated